Americans fighting Americans

Posted May 11th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

How petty our countrymen have become.  How selfish and self-centered some of our politicians have become.  Arizona enacted a law to protect its citizens.  The same law enacted by the US Congress.  But since the US Govt has refused to protect AZ citizens, AZ took action.  Now various cities have decided to boycott AZ for taking such action.

So, here we have it.  Illegal aliens are forcing Americans to fight each other.  These illegals are getting their own way, influencing our own government, making cities and towns take irrational actions against each other. 

And who wins?  I’ll leave the obvious answer to you.  For myself, I’m ashamed that the city councils of Boston and Worcester are enacting boycotts of their fellow Americans.  Boycotts which hurt legal workers.  Boycotts which cause loss of business and layoffs of their fellow citizens.  Boycotts that show the liberal’s true colors.  More respect for the illegal alien than their own countrymen.   I first thought to not patronize businesses in these places, but then I figured I would be as low as they are.  And I’d only be punishing those businesses, not the politicians who did this. 

So, I shall focus my efforts to help remove from office all those who support these boycotts.  They are not my fellow Americans.  Are they yours?  rr

One Response to “Americans fighting Americans”

  1. B Howell

    Yes, I agree, the illegal aliens are causing a rift between Americans who want the laws enforced and those who don’t. Unless you have been to AZ, seen the parts that look like a third world country you can’t possibly understand. These illegals are bring in crime and tuberculous. Yes, I said tuberculous. The hospitals are all running in the red and are closing near the border.

    Unless you have had a grandchild in ‘lock down’ then you don’t know what you are talking about. Going to pick up a child and finding 30, yes ladies and gentlemen, count them, 30 patrol cars and a helicopter all around the school, while ICE is trying to remove 20 illegals from a small house one block from the school with only a few shots fired.

    Canceling a trip to the beautiful Grand Canyon because you do not want to support AZ is stupid! Obviously, the people who make these boycott pronouncements should try understanding what the citizens in AZ have to endure.

    These same self-satisfied people don’t give a damn if they have school teachers and administrators who can’t pass an English test but want to boycott hardworking citizens and businesses.

    Has anyone noticed that China, Russian, Brazil and India are all coming up in the world? Has anyone noticed that Mexico isn’t? Why should they try, they have us….