American Left Ignores Greek Unemployment

Posted March 14th, 2013 by Iron Mike

It could happen here.  Obama wants it to.
Greek Lines
DHS has been stockpiling bullets! Guess who they’ll be shooting!

Greece’s top-heavy government filled with political hires collapsed several years ago.  Now unemployment is at 27% – but at 54% for young people.

Calm unlikely to remain with summer coming.

Every serious student of History and Political Science knows what happens when civil distrust turns into open street protest

When a population sees their future slipping away, – when they feel powerless, – they tend to take to the streets  – where they are easily swayed by clever voices offering to cast blame, punish the evil, and ‘restore justice’.

This is exactly the way Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Juan Peron, Castro, Hugo Chavez, Muammar Gaddafi, Mohamed Morsi, and in many ways Obama – came into power.
Greek PMs

In the case of Greece, their leaders mostly weren’t evil, – just foolishThey actually believed in the government’s ‘power’ – to give everybody a comfortable life.  Then as always happens, they ran out of other peoples’ money.
Greek Numbers

And that started the collapse, since 4 of every 10 Greeks was working a government job. Retirement came at age 61, – but as early as 50 and 55 for some 700,000 in ‘hazardous jobs’.  A series of governments promised even more ‘milk and honey’ to ever expanding circles of citizens.  And then came the Arab refugees….

Some in the US media – and some bloggers reported what was happening. But our American Left was preoccupied with the allure of ‘Free Medical Care‘ – for which ObamaCare would be their golden key.

Now US Debt is $16.7 TRILLION – $53K per citizen…

Mister Obama just said he has ‘no intention‘ of balancing our budget,…until he gets Congress to give him more taxes.  Why would he say that?

Does he really think he can tax us into prosperity?

Or,…does he want us rioting in the streets…like the Greeks?Greek Summer Fun

5 Responses to “American Left Ignores Greek Unemployment”

  1. Tom

    When I spent many months in Greece the young would join the military because there were no jobs. The college educated, when they weren’t demonstrating, were planning to leave the country for the US, Canada or Austrailia for employment and a better life.

    The socialists have ruined the country and the Defense Minister with whom I interfaced has been indicted, convicted and serving an 8 year prison term.

    The corruption in Greece was monumental and contributory to its economic downfall and we are on the very same slippery slope.


    When I went to Greece I had a long talk with a woman who moved to Australia with her husband. She was visiting her brother and said it was the last time she would go back to Greece. She was trying talk her brother into letting his 2 children go to Australia with her. There were no jobs in 2006.

    Two years ago families were coming down from the mountain villages with their children and leaving them in town at the church for the priests to take care of them. They had no food to give their children.

    The EU has admitted that Greece was the most corrupt country in the EU. Part of the problem was the Olympics and the unions and the new subway and the new highways. Did I mention unions? Perhaps I should mention the unions again….

  3. Walter Knight

    Greece is a great place, except for the Greeks.

  4. Casey Chapman

    There is a neo-nazi party in Greece called The Golden Dawn. They are gaining seats in the parliament, and will soon run the country. What next?

  5. Walter Knight

    Greeks want immigrants to leave, giving Nazis a base of support in a coalition government. The poor economy is the tipping point.