American Flags? Oh H-E-L-L NO!

Posted June 3rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

The MassHole DemoCRAPS held their Convention this weekend in Worcester.   It seems they think Charlie Faker just isn’t liberal enough or anti-Trump enough for them….

Jay Gonzalez (even smaller than Dukakis) got 70%,   but Bob Massie will still be on the September Primary ballot,  – he got 30%.   And you wonder why our state is #49th in terms of being Business/ Industry friendly…?

When you think of the list of elitist liberal snobs – from BOTH PARTIES – who have run for Governor,  – every damned one seeking higher office,  – every damned one raising taxes and signing more restrictive industry legislation….

…is it any wonder that the logo of the Democrat Party here is the empty factory building?

Unions here will continue to support Democrats,  – because they can’t even see the number of empty factories,  – and other business that have moved work out of state.

The Liberal (progressive) Elites who run the DemoCRAP Party continue to espouse one-world socialism,  open borders,  sanctuary cities,  abortion clinics,  EBT Cards (not jobs) for Blacks and Hispanics (except their undocumented lawn crews),…

…and they continue to tell you if you’ll just be kind and accepting (welcoming) to your Muslim invaders,  – they won’t really behead you or rape your daughters….

2 Responses to “American Flags? Oh H-E-L-L NO!”

  1. Sherox

    All that Massachusetts is going to do is do the same to the state that was done to Detroit.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    Playing nice with the Donks never earns their loyalty. Is Charlie really that dumb?