America’s Long Road To Socialism

Posted November 8th, 2009 by Iron Mike

America’s Road to Socialism –
– is being paved with the bodies of well-intended but ineffective Republicans!

Well Americans, that’s a line bound to make indignant anger well up in the necks of many folks I know.  But the more I think about how much we have to do in the next eleven months,  – and how ineptly many of my Elephant friends are going about it, – the more I reach a sad conclusion:  Soros / Pelosi / Reid / Obama didn’t have to be all that clever as they schemed to put their Kenyan-born Manchurian candidate in the White House, bankrupt our economy, devalue our dollar, and lead us into the Third World.

For fifty-plus years now Americans were proud to go vote every two years.  Good patriotic voting Americans – many WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Vets.  And when their candidates lost,  they’d “rally-round” the winner, – because that was “the American Way”.  And they promptly stopped paying attention to politics for another two years.

Thus they didn’t notice the Socialists quietly taking over all the teaching jobs, and then the school administration jobs, and then the school boards.  After all, their kids were only in school for twelve years.  Further concern about schools ended on that final graduation night.  So year-by-year, new teacher by new teacher, principal by principal, the Socialists took control.  Across our land the Press and the MSM became totally populated with Socialist-trained employees.  Result:  when Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. started his campaign,  all the under-40 voters thought it was “racist” just to say his middle name,  – let alone demand to see his credentials.

Late Saturday night [in the dark of night] some 220 members of our House of Representatives deliberately and with malice of forethought – did violate their solemn oaths to our Constitution and voted to pass a bill they fully know is unconstitutional. And today many Americans just shrug their shoulders and accept this as “the way things are”.

Where is the outrage?  Where is the anger?  Why are Minuteman companies not forming on town squares?  Why aren’t cars with Obama stickers burning in the streets?  Are we to meekly accept this new Socialism as “the way things are”?

Oh, please Americans, don’t go burning any Obama-sticker cars, – – Nah, don’t, – really.  But damn-it, aren’t you ANGRY?   Are you still going to support back-stabbing RiNO candidates like Dede Scuzzyrino in the NY 23rd?  Are you going to back limp-wristed wimps who make vague promises about “lower taxes, smarter solutions, and working across the aisle”?  Or will you back those who will promise to defend your Constitutional rights – and show you their own handgun?  Is there any candidate out there who will promise to seal our border?  Will someone please run promising to investigate Barney Frank and John Murtha, and not on “being willing to work with them”!

Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Murtha, and a dozen more ought to be in jail, – not padding their re-election war chests, and in Barney’s case – endorsing a fellow Socialist for our empty Senate seat.  I don’t want these crooks ‘worked with’, – I want them worked on!


   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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