Amazing! RRB Begins 5th Year!

Posted April 3rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

A HUGE Tango Yankee to my good friend the Rabid Republican for making this all happen!
RRB 4th Birthday

Who knew?  As we begin our 5th year – after some 2,000 postings and over 1,570,000 hits – it’s hard to remember the shock we felt four years ago as Obama began his first term. 

Little could we ever imagine that America’s MoonBats, Libtards, unions, and freeloaders would give him a second term – thus forcing us to continue publishing.  That could never happen in our America – could it?!?

This endeavor has taken on a life of it’s own.  It has been far from easy, but we’ve had wonderful help – from our wives, from good friends, and from our vast world-wide network of trained agents.  TY, One and All!

Sometimes the hardest part is picking a single story – or maybe two – to feature on a given day.  Between our traitorous pResident, our treasonous  Congress, our Duh-fus Gov’nr, that putrid bacon barrel known as Beacon Hill, union leaders, and our own town full of entitlement libtards, – there are so many Obamatrocities to write about.  No wonder you’re often on nausea overload!  We sure are!



The LibTurds, the pocket-lining deceitful politicians – even Obama himself – are not America’s worst enemies….

Liberal and brainwashed union Social Studies and English teachers are!

And those brain-dead self-serving school boards who sanction them.

They are the ones mass-producing dumbed-down 2-legged historical vacuums – who become the next generation of entitlement voters.

When high school ‘history’ teachers cannot explain how we won the Revolutionary War,  or what the three major causes of friction were in Europe prior to WWI, – you know your tax dollars are being squandered.

How’s this for a plan?  When states and cities go bankrupt – like Stockton California and Detroit Michigan – let the pensions for retired teachers and government employees be reduced by the same percentage as adults not enrolled to vote…?



We know we’re reaching some of the right people – which was our original intent. 

We know we’re pissing off a few folks – mostly RiNOs, fake Republicans, and MoonBat Democrats,…because they tell us so to our faces.

Here’s a CLUE:  If we’ve pissed you off, – then you are either abdicating your sworn duty – or ignoring the facts and your civic duty.  Go get right with God and our Constitution!



Because of all the pain they cause us, there is no sound quite so satisfying as the plaintive wail of a wounded MoonBat “You’re not going to put that on your blog, are you?”  

Yeah, we sure are! 

Do something deceitful, unpatriotic, stupid, or treasonous, – and we’ll gladly help you achieve internet immortality. [Google:  “JamieBoy Eldridge” – then click imagesTry it here! ]



Little O HeadThis 2nd Obama Term will be ugly folks.  He has nothing to lose by his treasonous world-socialist acts.  He will violate our Constitution every chance he gets,  and surrender our sovereignty by inches, then by miles.

His hatred of America, of Free Enterprise, and of white people will become easier for most to see.  I can only pray our economy will somehow rebound come 2017.  Lifetime Liar Hillary

Meanwhile we need to field good candidates in 2014 and 2016,  because Hillary the Lifetime Liar is our next nightmare churning on the near horizon.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

And be sure you’re teaching HISTORY to your kids and grandkids – they’re NOT getting it in their schools!

10 Responses to “Amazing! RRB Begins 5th Year!”

  1. Michael W Dane

    Thanks Mike for all you do. America needs more men like you.

  2. Tom

    You and the Rapid Republican has do you very best to inform and educate the masses to save the word. Keep up the work that the Framers would be proud of, because we most certainly are.

  3. Flick

    I second that comment from Michael! Thanks Mike and rr!


    Iron Mike, keep up the good fight, we need you and rr.

  5. Jim Ettwein

    Mike, it’s been a great 4 years. We’ve proved that current provocative commentary is interesting and will bring people back for more. Your contributions have made the RRB what it is. Unafraid. Tireless. Hard-hitting. Thoughtful. Conservative. All the things we said the area needed 5 years ago.

    Keep writing, my friend. Keep telling ’em what’s really happening. They’ll keep coming back for more. –Jim (rr)

  6. Walter Knight

    The Rabid Republican Blog was the first news source to tell about the murder and dragging through the streets of our Libyan Ambassador, Chris Stevens. Even Fox News was not up to speed on the truth until days later, and the photos were never broadcast.

  7. Prim

    Congratulations: Your hard work and the copious amount of time that you have given to write & research articles is much appreicated. You have always been the Ultimate Warrior & Patriot. Thank you for your time and your Service.

  8. Casey Chapman

    Just came back from a pro 2nd amendment rally on the Boston common. A few Hundred people were there to listen to speakers at the bandstand, then the walked up to the dome o gold to talk to legislature types. The house got called into formal session shortly before the rally began. I suspect that that happened so no legislators could attend. Go figure.
    We did not go uphill to that part, because my husband is in a wheelchair(manual) I have arthritis in my right knee, and the wind was really howling this afternoon.
    Keep up the good work. You are encouraging more and more of us to stand up for what is right.

  9. Kojack

    Mike and RR, congratulations and thank you for both your military service and for the desperately needed hope and encouragement you give so many of us during these Obysmal times.

  10. DannaP

    Bravo, Mike and Jim. And thank you so very much for being truth-tellers. Godspeed.