Amateur Hour: Obama Wins

Posted March 23rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

Never in my life [except for Jimmy Carter / Desert One] have I seen a more amateur display of military blundering than we have seen in the past month.

First Obama can’t make up his mind. Military action to aide the rebels – or not?  America or NATO or Arab states?

Does Gaddafi stay or go? Mixed signals day to day.

Tell Congress or not. He didn’t. Oops!

Unity of Command? Oh HELL no! It’s an Obamanition Coalition nobody’s in charge. Hillary is doing most of the talking.

Secrecy of intent? Sure! Even the pResident doesn’t know his next move.

Broadcasting our moves? Absolutely.  This morning we’ve just told the Gaddafi forces that we’ll fire no more Tomahawks.

Clear objective? What objective?

Clear Mission? What ‘mission’?  We’re just shootin’ stuff.

Massing combat power against Gaddafi’s center of gravity? Obama doesn’t have a center of gravity himself – doesn’t understand what one is, wouldn’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

Maneuver? Ooh, yuck, that’s the messy part. That’s the boots-on-the-ground part – where the rebels have to cross the desert and march 600 miles west into Tripoli, find Gaddafi, and kill him. Our Community Organizer doesn’t like to finish things – so no plan for maneuver. Just shoot and scoot!

Desired end state? Again no planning, no thought.  Obama and his sycophants ~ think ~ they want to stop Gaddafi from killing rebels and civilians. No clue.

Here’s a CLUE ObamaYou started shooting at a 40+ year surviving warlord.

It doesn’t end when you run out of Tomahawks or of interest. It ends ONLY when Gaddafi is dead.

Yeah, you started shooting at him, now you HAVE TO KILL HIM. And probably all his family too!

Leave him alive and every American in Europe and Africa is a potential target for his revenge.

Leave him alive and he’ll blow up another airplane – and laugh at you.  He’ll absolutely let you know it was him.  BTW, it ~ might just be ~ your airplane.

Any new friends made?  Nope. Nothing like doing less than half a job to win friends and influence people.

Alliances strengthened? No way!  Now everybody’s had a good hard look at what an indecisive spineless wuss you are, – and this Libyan thing was an easy one at first. Nobody is going to back your next play.

Giving a shit? Hell no – the MEssiah is on vacation in Rio.

There are nine (9) Principles of War.  Obama managed to ignore or violate five (5) or maybe six (6) of them. ROTC Cadets memorize and understand these. 

Not Obama!  He doesn’t know, doesn’t care to know, – he just plain doesn’t care.

You should. This will come back to bite us big time. You think Russia, China, NoKorea, Iran, Venezuela, and Mexico haven’t been watching, …taking this all in?

Right now the USA is a sitting duck to any third world thug with bigger balls than Obama – and the will to bet it all on Obama going on another vacation when the chips are down.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Amateur Hour: Obama Wins”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    The military ineptness of the President notwithstanding, what about the SECDEF, while in Russia when asked about the NFZ mission states that it is being done on the fly. Is that a literal response or is he also clueless? Which of the Nine Principles of War is that? What’s up with the Joint Chiefs, have they lost their collective manhood? Lead follow or get out of the way.
    Ghaddafi, the mad colonel, will prevail and he will exact his revenge.

  2. whathehell

    Obama acting stupidly again. Where in the Constitution does it say that the President should consult the Arab League not Congress? Sounds like we need a beer summit. Oh Snap, Sharia law prohibits alcohol. ( psssst ) Gaddafi, you want Obama to go away? Go find a copy of Obama’s birth certificate.