Aluminum Parasites In COVID Vaccines?

Posted October 17th, 2021 by Iron Mike

CAUTION!   View this video with healthy skepticism.

I was 12 when the announcement of a breakthrough Polio Vaccine by Doctor Jonas Salk made international news.  It was thought to be a miracle.  Nobody had to be pressured or coerced into getting it for their kids.

I measure that 1955 event against the enormous pressure today for people to get the COVID vaccines,….and it just doesn’t make sense.   How real is the threat, – and why won’t the companies tell us what’s in their concoctions?  This writer doesn’t trust either Biden or Fauci… You should make your OWN decisions.

2 Responses to “Aluminum Parasites In COVID Vaccines?”

  1. FLICK

    I didn’t know what was in the Salk vaccine, nor any of the multiple shots I was forced to receive in the U.S. Navy. I eat hot dogs, scrapple and Spam. Still here at age 71.

  2. Jim Buba

    I so do love the OLD Peer Review Methodology. Discovery leads to Duplication, proving Concept. Duplication validates Discovery and the next step is to study and learn where all of it goes or leads.

    More often, the study leaves us ‘lost for explanation’ and the pursuit grinds to a halt.

    A good analogy is to imagine what any Investigator ‘found’ as they toyed with coal and crude oil, wondering about the rainbow sheen in some samples leading the crusade effort to ‘commercialize’ the observations. While the sideshow effort brought us simple and accurate classification of coal, oil and their residues following treatments, others found the ways to ‘crack’ the code, bringing us the Aniline Dyes. (A Polish-American BTW)

    Today, we take for granted the wonderful colors previously derived for Royalty, and a very long line of Compounds called ‘Medicine’

    In the portrayed sample of Five, two are Saline, Two are Graphene and one is a Puzzle. The implications, given the ‘Special Handling Instructions’ are now partially exposed and without cooperation by its makers, Reverse Engineering continues.