Allen West: “What Message Do We Send?”

Posted July 23rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

THIS is how our First Black President should be sounding!

Calls the Obama Cartel charlatans and sheep “A damn stupid thing you just did!”   BTW, did you know there are SECRET SIDE DEALS that the Traitor Kerry negotiated?

2 Responses to “Allen West: “What Message Do We Send?””

  1. William Clark

    Sounded like a large crowed, some people talking but minimal applause? I didn’t here a solution from Mr. West just a rant, so we crush Iran with what a war or diplomacy. The former Senator could not have spoken this way if he were in his former position.

    Don’t think “Big Oil” interest didn’t pay for this event, they don’t want the deal and a market flooded with 1.5 million barrels per day of cheap oil and a return to 1970’s prices.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>000000000000000000<<<<<<<<<<<<<< As usual Mister Clark [any relation to Wesley Clark - the do-nothing 4-Star?] you have your FACTS confused. Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and a former Congressman.

    As for Big Oil,…I’m pretty sure they don’t want their tankers hijacked, attacked,…or an EMP Atomic warhead going off near NY City or Washington DC. Do you? Are you willing to risk it?

  2. William Clark

    Actually the oil would hit the Market in Europe using existing pipelines into Eastern Russia, Baltic and Western Europe countries. I guess you really don’t listen to world news, try to plug-in to other resources Col. F.

    I think you must be confused when GW was going to have our US ports run by Arab interest.

    I’ll bet having Mr. West at that rally was like a scene from Blazing Saddles. Heard he got 75K for that speech, nice work if you can get it.