Allen West Teaches History

Posted September 19th, 2010 by Iron Mike

LTC(Ret) Allen West is running for Congress against career Democrat Ron Klein in Florida’s 22nd District.

Can you just ~ imagine ~ having a sitting congressman who actually KNOWS history?!?  AND is willing to correct Obama on a daily basis!!  Go Colonel West!!!

2 Responses to “Allen West Teaches History”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    Colonel West recited more knowledge of Islamic history in one minute that the Thug-in Chief ever knew or will ever know. We need more patriots like the Colonel to stand up for the rights of We the People and our Judeo-Christian ethic. The Islamic contribution to the history of the world has been minimal when compared to other religious groups or civilizations. Their role in our early history was nothing more than African slave traders who sold their brothers and sisters to the highest bidder. You won’t read this is the revisionist history books that pollute our school systems today.

  2. Michael

    This is really great way to not to learn history! I think non of congressmen knows history, but this happen in each an every county. Sad, really sad