Allahu Akbar At Concord-Carlisle?

Posted September 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

           Folks, this entry was very hard to write….
Once upon a time – PATRIOTS lived in Concord. Some died there… Outrage at CCHS
Somehow over time they were replaced by
despicable New World Socialists who will slavishly cater to and embrace the very people who want to behead them…

Honest mistake, – deliberate omission, – or Allahu Akbar in-your-face?


Wednesday morning 9/11 the students at Concord-Carlisle High were treated to a recital of a ‘poem’ – really a rant – about a Muslim grandmother washing her feet – in the restroom sink – of a Sears department store. Somehow in all the cross-cultural ooey-gooey frenzy, the Pledge of Allegiance was ‘forgotten’.

The rant – or lament can be viewed here. It was written by Syrian-born Mohja Kahf – alegedly a famous writer/poet – who teaches English at the University of Arkansas.

Her poem / rant / lament is about how American women made her Syrian grandmother feel ‘uncomfortable’ as she washes  her feet in the Sears restroom before prayers – while out shopping for bargains in the houseware department.


By the time I became aware, Principal Peter Badalament was dodging calls [believe me I tried]. This morning I reached Supt Diane Rigby – who gritted out a ‘no comment’ and hung up on me.  The Boston Globe recently profiled her as being ‘hard of hearing’.   Well, I gave them a chance to set the record straignt…

I await a return call from School Committee Chair Louis Salemy of Carlisle.


1). Some English or Social Studies [they don’t teach History anymore] teacher – deeply immersed in the politics of cross-cultural coexistence, -thought 9/11 would be a perfect day to prove ‘how understanding we are’.  Such a person would naturally think the Pledge of Alegience was just too ‘nationalistic’.

2). With all the talk about bombing Syria to teach them a lesson’ coming from the Obama Cartel, – maybe somebody thought they should showcase a ‘good Syrian’.

3). Principal Badalament – already up to his eyeballs with two student suicides, – arrests in school of a teen writing threatening notes, – a lawsuit for failing to stop bullying, – overwhelmed by the GLBT agenda, – has totally lost perspective and control of his 1300-student school.

If he was unaware ahead of time – it is unforgivable….

His comment to the Patch that it was just ‘a mix-up’ – is despicable! That was as lame and gutless an excuse as I’ve ever heard, – since Obama last blamed Bush.

If he was truly unaware, he should fire the faculty members responsible. If he knew himself, and either approved or failed to stop it – he should be fired.


WAKE THE HECK UP! Your school is located just 1.5 miles south of the Old North Bridge. Where in HELL is your sense of American Patriotism?
Islam in England

By the very tennents of their ‘religion’ – Muslims in any flavor cannot be your friend!  They cannot ‘coexist’ quietly in our society – just look at what is happening in Europe!  They believe you are to be conquered – and either converted to Islam, forced to pay the jizya tax, – or be beheaded [except those of us they intend to burn to death].

Yes, there may be Muslims living ‘peacefully’ amongst us, – but you don’t see them speaking out in outrage at 9/11, Benghazi, the Marathon Bombing, or the ongoing killing in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc, etc. They remain obiediently s-i-l-e-n-t !
 Jeff Bauman Boston Marathon
Jeff Bauman of Chelmsford cannot wash his feet.  Muslims blew them off.  Our 4 Americans killed at Benghazi cannot wash their feet, – they were murdered last year.  3,000 innocent people killed in the 9/11 attack cannot wash their feet. We never even found many of their feet!
CCHS Badalamont Rigby

You have been grotesquely insensitive!  You have been dispicable!  You are UNWORTHY of being trusted with young minds. Some of you are downright EVIL!

No FootwashingAnd, – not to be ‘culturally insensitive’, – but, damnit – if Muslims come to America, – and still feel a need to wash their feet and pray – 5 times a day – then they should adjust their shopping hours.

WE should NOT have to adjust or accomodate them; – they made the decision to immigrate.

Hey Peter, – next time a Muslim kills an American – will you read the poem about foot-washing? Or just call it a ‘mix-up’?

Peter Badalament   978  318-2490

Diana F Rigby

Meanwhile, on ANOTHER campus….

The College Republicans at Middlebury College in Vermont planted 2977 small American Flags outside the campus chapel – to remember each person killed on 9/11/.   A worthy gesture. Middlebury Flags
Then five students – without permission – pulled them up and trashed them – giving the snide excuse ‘this is an Abaneki Indian burial ground – nothing can stick into the ground’.
One wonders if they are CCHS grads…?
 Middlebury Vandals
Unlike the pukes at CCHS, Middlebury President Ron Liebowitz issued an appropriate statement of regret, and ordered a disciplinary investigation.


UPDATE: Badalament & Rigby to hold public meeting Tues 17 Sept  7 PM  CCHS

Patriots and Wimperdoodles!   I went to the meeting…CCHS Apology
Badalament had apologized before I arrived, Rigby was trying to play the role of ‘moderator’.

Patriots – both men and women, – expressed anger at the incident, and at Badalament’s poor judgment. We discovered – to our horror – that kids at CCHS don’t stand and recite the Pledge, – they hear it on a loudspeaker.

The Wimperdoodles were there – ‘to speak of love’, ‘horrified at the anger’, and ‘to support the Principal’. They’re a pathetic lot – never did a day of heavy lifting in their lives. Several students joined their chorus – wanting to ‘put the incident behind them’. I’d say the primary industry of Concord is the breeding of future MoonBats.

Badalament and RigbyBadalament appeared justifiably job scared

He is neither an administrator nor an educator. This is Constitution Dayhe had no clue if the Constitution is being taught this week – as required by law. 

Badalament is a cowardly slug – blaming Asst Principal Colleen Meaney for picking the poem, was totally unconvincing when he said he’s read it in advance and OKed it. He has ZERO leadership;  – he’s a career slug.

For her part, Rigby tried to run interference for him. She is rude, tactless, and probably job-scared herself.  I made it a point to interrupt her back.

Oh, and guess what? At this public meeting – in the high school auditoriumno American Flag, and no Pledge.

These people are unworthy of the blood shed and lives shattered over these past 238 years – which paid for their freedom to be utter assholes!

6 Responses to “Allahu Akbar At Concord-Carlisle?”

  1. Kojack

    “Yes, there may be Muslims living ‘peacefully’ amongst us, – but you don’t see them speaking out in outrage at 9/11, Benghazi, the Marathon Bombing, or the ongoing killing in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc, etc. They remain obiediently s-i-l-e-n-t !”

    Immediately after the Marathon Bombing Jeff Kuhner on 680 WRKO set up a 1-800 hot line for the “moderate” Muslims to call up and condemn it. Not even 1 call was received.

    Muslims don’t belong here. WHEN they become the majority is anyone naive enough to beleive that they will not scrap the U.S. Constitution in favor of sharia law?!?!?

    I think we should give them the choice to either convert or be deported….before it’s too late.

  2. Casey Chapman

    I’m sure the student who trashed those flags at that college are proud products of our public schrool system. The lady superintendent looks the part, doesn’t she? She looks like she has a few screws loose.

  3. Tom

    In the Concord and Carlisle of old there would have been outrage and indignation and a call for teacher and administrators to be fired. Today, however, the moonbats have moved in from Cambridge and other elitist cities to populate these towns with their socialist, PC ideology and have turned these once bastions of freedom and liberty to the Marxist socialist enclaves that they are today.

    Where is the outrage from the Republican Town Committee? They are silent because they are cowering RiNOs. God help us and let freedom ring!

  4. Varvara

    Middlebury – perhaps after the investigation the school should order the two students to replace the flags on the green in front of the chapel or be expelled, their choice.

    Concord Carlisle – can’t these young people think for themselves? Why did they just sit there? They should have known this was wrong.

    Sears – why is the company that holds the jobs for the returning soldiers and pays the difference in salary to be castigated for not having proper foot baths? Has someone forgotten to tell these people who come to the USA voluntarily that we have something called the Constitution?
    Why do we have to supply foot baths? Surly they can wash their feet at home.

    There are 90M people in the south western part of Asia that don’t have toilets and defecate in the great outdoors. Do they have footbaths? Why do we put up with their outrageous demands?

    BTW, polio and measles are on the rise. These once controlled diseases are being brought to our country by people who have not been vaccinated. Dirty feet bring in a lot of disease.

  5. george

    although i do not agree with what happened. you people are getting a little crazy. to clarify i am a republican. Obama did not blame george bush enough for ruining this country. maybe if bush was never president we would not be having this conversation. muslims wash there feet 5 times a day you idiots because they pray 5 times a day and washing your feet is some part of it i guess. the reason we dont have a republican president is because of extremists like yourselves that when you see something wrong you immediately blame liberals. and say things like GLBT. the people more commonly known by smart people as terrorists are radicals or extremists. basically its the equivalent of a redneck republican in america thinking obama should be impeached because he is what you people think as a muslim. you people condeming muslims is like if a christian bombed isreal and everbody in isreal thougt every christian person was a crazy terrorist. by ridiculing and comdeming an entire religion is part of the reason we are a target of terrorists.


    George, since you have SO MUCH to say, please learn to write….