All The White Man’s Fault?

Posted July 9th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Obama’s Next Big Lie:  if he really believes it – is his super-tax-the-rich’ fraud really a lie?

Our Undocumented Guest Worker is like a one-trick pony – he keeps ranting about super-taxing anybody making over $250K.

Fanaticism, desperation, or political shrewdness?  Maybe he has polling data suggesting he can get some traction with the multi-generational inner-city poor.  You know – those families of color that 60+ years of Democratic welfare pandering has left chained to the plantation.

Is this his way of telling them that somehow it’s all the White Man’s fault. How many will fall for it and vote for him again? Any of you see this creating new private sector jobs? Does he have even one (1) other plan?

One Response to “All The White Man’s Fault?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The Obama spin doctors have already prepared the talking points. The House will undoubtedly vote against any change to the “Bush Tax Cuts”. It will never get to the Senate. Obama will again play the blame game and blame the Republicans and Mitt Romney right until November 6.