All Hail Honest Judge John R. Ruhl!!

Posted November 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

In the Land of the Politically Insane,  – there is at least one voice for Law and Reason.

Seattle is in the news again – and again for all the wrong reasons.
  The town that mandated $15.oo/hour for even entry-level floor sweeping,  – that had to dump a pervert mayor just 10 weeks ago – just got told their “Tax the Rich” scheme is illegal!

There is probably very little hope for Seattle.  They’ve slithered so far left that they may fall off the edge of the Earth,  – if the Kraken doesn’t get them first…..

JUST (10 weeks ago) they dumped their openly gay mayor Ed Murray – after they learned he’d spent years paying underage boys for sex….

He was the very same mayor who 2 years ago signed their $15.oo/hr minimum wage law – causing many small restaurants to close.

Now their scheme to make up their city budget deficit with a “Millionaire’s Tax” has landed in the courtroom of Judge John R. Ruhl,  – and he very simply pointed out that it ran afoul of Washington State Law.

What kind of lawyers advise the Seattle City Council?

Meet elected City Attorney Pete Holmes – who’s personal agendas do not include the United States Constitution.   BA Yale 78, JD UVA 84,  and very active in developing Seattle’s marijuana industry. The best city attorney drug money can buy!

And he’s got a staff of over 100….

Seattle Mayor Tim Burgess is a former city cop, – who left the force for charity work, – and had run for mayor in the past.   He seems now to be inculcated in a Bernie Sanders kind of socialist outcome belief system that views rich people as ‘robber barons’ – people to be punished with taxes.

The scheme had hoped to make up a $140 million budget shortfall by smacking an additional 2.25% tax on anybody earning over $250K ($500K for couples).

Burgess and Attorney Holmes fret that Seattle is “one of the worst in the nation when it comes to tax fairness, a result of our misguided over-reliance on regressive sales taxes.”

Socialists:   always want to punish and strip the rich.

Communist:   simply line them up and shoot them;  – then wonder why their economies collapse when there’s nobody left around who knows how to run the factories or the banks.

So after 2½ years of mandated $15.oo/hour….Seattle is still SHORT by $140 Million…?

Damn! How could that have happened?

BTW Mayor Burgess,….that Indian Head on your City Seal….is that Cultural Misappropriation,….or just plain old racism...?

A different time – a different Seattle: Perry Como 1969:

3 Responses to “All Hail Honest Judge John R. Ruhl!!”

  1. Catherine

    1. They never learn, because
    2. They think they can get away with anything, and that
    3. Anyone (besides them) who has money needs to have their money taken away, by THEM, to enrich themselves under the guise of “helping” the poor.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    How long before the hepatitis A epidemic travels up the coast and hits Seattle?

  3. Vince Picarello

    If Seattle wasn’t so progressive maybe their no tax the rich law would draw in some rich people.