All HAIL Citizen Mark Robinson!

Posted April 6th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It seems in the aftermath of recent school shootings,  the nervous nellies of the Greensboro NC City Council suddenly didn’t want a scheduled gun show to happen.

Fortunately for our Constitutional Republic – there were speakers present to call them out and set them straight.  I’ll wager that both Andy and Mark will be your new heroes!  Enjoy!

You can be sure they’d been getting an earful from the Greensboro liberals….


Can we get Mark Robinson to run for office?

7 Responses to “All HAIL Citizen Mark Robinson!”

  1. hddan

    We need people like Mark Robinson to run for office. Unfortunately, people like him are usually to busy working and earning a living to run. It was a pleasure to listen to him. He was right on the mark. We also need more people like Mr. Robinson to speak up. All that we get on the news are pontificators like David Hogg with their anti constitution bullshit. I am having trouble comprehending people that actually believe that teenage high school children know more about what is best for the United States than the likes of the Founding Fathers. Has the United States turned into a massive insane asylum?

  2. Arnold g.

    Hello I just wanted to ask a question. Who in north Carolina is telling people to turn in guns. He was right that an ar15 is a semi automatic weapon but it takes about a dozen different calibers of ammunition depending on barrel size and a few other things not just a 22 shell like he said Oh and I been to gun shows that sell military grade weapons from liscenced dealers but I don’t know bout Greensboro gunshows,but Ya if people are having to turn in guns then I think it’s wrong.

  3. Kojack

    I loved both of these guys! Andy was more polished but Mark was by far more passionate and that’s what we really need. Like Mark said WE NEED TO GO DOWN TO THOSE MEETINGS AND RAISE HELL!!! And we need to put the fear of God into the lefties and make them shit themselves. AND IF ANTIFA WANTS TO GET VIOLENT THEN WE NEED TO SHOW THEM WHAT VIOLENCE IS ALL ABOUT UNTIL THEY DON’T WANT ANY PART OF IT!!! There is no reasoning with the lib-TURDs so don’t waste your time. WHAT THEY WANT IS A REPEAL OF NOT JUST THE 2nd-A BUT THE WHOLE BILL OF RIGHTS!!!

  4. integrity 1st

    I thought Robinson was awesome, but did I miss something? I thought the gentleman before him was very good, and it almost seemed like Robinson was mocking him for his preparation and articulation? Can somebody give me their take.


    He was mocking the school kids who spoke earlier – coached in some detail by their union school teachers…..

    Anne Joy Cahill-Swenson is a freshman at Grimsley High School. She’s also an organizer for March for Our Lives Greensboro. She said more guns will make people accept gun violence as “inevitable.”
    “We have been tested again and again and unfortunately adults have not taken action,” Cahill-Swenson said. “That’s why we are taking it into our own hands. A gun show where background checks and identification are not required is completely ridiculous.”

  5. Panther 6

    Both speakers did well, one a little more polished but I liked Mark Robinson’s delivery and passion. It would be great if he ran for Council and replaced one of those women on the dias. The point about an AR not firing only 22 cal bullets is correct but I give Mark that point since he was talking from the heart without a script or a teleprompter with key words – he did very well. God Bless him. There are more African Americans who feel as he does than the MSM would ever tell us.

  6. Ben


  7. Blossom Stiefel

    Mark Robinson is right on, his passion and love for our country and our rights as citizens is a joy to listen to.

    The real tragedy and scandal of the Parkland high school mass shooting is the “Promise Program”. About six years ago, the Broward County School District and local police agencies colluded to lay the foundation for the tragedy. The School Board and the Superintendent entered into a political agreement with law enforcement officials to stop arresting students for crimes. This was a well planned fundamental shift in how the teenagers would be treated when they engaged in criminal conduct. They showed that they “cut down” on the criminal activity, and they elevated their performance data and thereby gained state and federal grant money.

    Instead of pointing at law-abiding gun owners for the atrocity, Sheriff Israel needs to take a look in the mirror. Somehow the gun hating liberal media went wild with its assault on the Second Amendment, the National Rifle Association, gun owners, and anyone who supports gun rights. The real reason for this horrific school shooting is completely ignored. For shame!