All Eyes On Tuesday

Posted November 2nd, 2009 by Iron Mike

Tuesday will be tense Americans!

All eyes are on Virginia, New Jersey and the NY 23rd tomorrow.  Already things look rough for the Dems, and it could be the end of the “Obama Mystique”.  I sure hope so.

We who don’t live in these jurisdictions must be a tad careful about making predictions. We don’t usually know the sordid histories behind the state parties, the candidates, or how the local TV ads are playing out. Thus wishful thinking should not take the place of solid Republican prayer.

Jon Corzine was a piece of $hit liberal senator before he became New Jersey’s piece of $hit liberal governor. Remember the bad car accident he had returning from Atlantic City – without wearing his seat belt?  He’s led NJ to the point that Margaret Thatcher spoke so eloquently about – “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”.  Holding the slimmest of leads today – rotund Republican Chris Christe just might pull out a win.  But even a slim Corzine re-election spells doom for OBummer, who was busy embracing his bearded socialist fellow-traveler this weekend.

In Virginia the OBummer puppet-masters already see disaster for Democrat Creigh Deeds.  Watching him drop in the public polls, [and no doubt in their own secret ones] they accused him of “running a poor campaign and not taking their advice”.  In other words they flung his bones under the bus.  What they can’t hide is that Virginia is so close to DC that the Pelosi-Reid-Obama stink waifs across the landscape, sticking like skunk spray to all Democrats.  A win by Bob McDonald will be a highly visible slap at OBummer & Crooks.  As I type this, – as you read it,  you can bet that Emanuel and Axelrod are already rehearsing Gibbs for Wednesday morning.

NY’s 23rd represents the ultimate wake-up call for REAL Republicans.  There the local old-boy [old RiNO] committee picked über-liberal state assemblywoman Dede Scozzafazza to run for their empty US House seat.  Real Republicans and conservatives were so outraged they closed ranks behind Conservative Doug Hoffman, who had endorsements from the TEA Parties and Sarah Palin.  Ditsy Dede dropped out of the race Saturday.  It was Halloween.

Yesterday Dede did the Republican Party a major favor, and I thank her for it.  She told her liberal RiNO supporters to vote for the democrat.  Now everybody should be on notice for both the 2010 midterms and for the 2012 elections – if your candidate is a liberal – REGARDLESS of party enrollment – then they have already taken sides with the George Soros socialists.

Dede turned on her party and her country just as Arlen Snake Specter of Pennsylvania did.   Mainstream Republicans and Conservatives can no longer trust the Fate of our Nation in such hands.  Do not fund them.  Discourage them from running, and if they do, defeat them in the primaries.

America, the stakes are way too high.  Trust no liberals in public office.  Put no RiNOs on your ballots.  In every way possible thwart and stop Soros, Obama, and Company from selling out our Young Republic.  And pray tonight and all day Tuesday!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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