All Cops BEWARE! Thugs Are Hunting You!

Posted September 13th, 2020 by Iron Mike

These goons believe they’re engaged in a ~ legitimate war ~ against all police – everywhere. They are essentially stupid,  badly raised without real fathers,  and poorly educated.  They have little in life to look forward to.

They are the bastard fruits of LBJ’s “Great Society”  – and as Compton just showed  – given even a moment’s opportunity – they will KILL you.

This Compton shooting reveals a very troubling aspect – the strong possibility that there was organization behind it…

A crowd arrived at the hospital emergency room in time to block the ambulances arriving with the critically wounded deputies.

They were chanting “I hope you fucking die!” and Y’all gonna die one by one!”

These are the actions and war cries of 21st Century anti-social urban savages.  They’ve only just begun.  Soros is using BLM to give them a common cause – and funding.

In this cell phone video – the Black organizer calls the wounded deputies these murderers” – and wants to go into the hospital to finish them off.

As he arrived his posse was met by enough cops to stop him…

…but somewhere in a much smaller town….


To ALL my Police Friends:

There are no ‘safe’ towns – no ‘safe areas’ – and no ‘safe assignments’.

You are being HUNTED by armed hyenas,  – and if they catch you off guard,  – they WILL KILL YOU!

Expect to see more elaborate traps and ambushes laid for police officers.   You ~ may ~ want to ride with your weapon unholstered and stuck between your legs – always at the ready.

The hatred these thugs feel toward you is totally unreasoned,  – but they’ve been fed the constant politics of BLACK VICTIMIZATION for three generations by Democrats (and their own poverty pimps who live well by preaching fear and hate),  and the payoff is with us today.

All you can do is be trained,  alert,  and ready.

Become good (or better) shooting with your other hand.  Practice shooting out of a car window.  Put a Crimson Trace on your pistol – don’t waste shots.  Be on high alert driving to and from work.

FINAL THOUGHT:    If you wear your badge for 30 or even 40 years,  – you will NEVER be “professional enough” or “understanding enough” to reach the worst of these wannabe cop killers.

They’ve been conditioned by their single teenage mothers and jailed fathers to believe that you wake up every morning hoping to kill a young Black man

The resulting fear and hatred is now in their DNA.

Since the days of LBJ – – it has taken 55 years for this stupidity,  racial hatred,  and evil to embed itself in our inner-city Black communities.  That is 3 or 4 Black generations (teenage Black girls give birth early…).

Obama set race relations back 60 years…

It will take another 60 years to fix it,  – if we elect good leaders.

One Response to “All Cops BEWARE! Thugs Are Hunting You!”

  1. jim ettwein

    A dwarf sneaks up on a police car, stands on his tiptoes, and shoots inside at the police. What a lily-livered coward this guy is. If he’s a guy. Then, watch him hobble up the street to escape… with his pants down below his butt. This guy, if he’s caught alive, should be paraded down the street so that citizens can pelt him with any object at hand. If the object happens to be a knife, so be it.
    CA has sunk even further down below its previous depths… something that should have been difficult. But, they can rise, er sink, to the occasion every time. Fire is too good for them.