“All About The Children”? Hardly!

Posted February 25th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Retiring NEA general counsel Robert Chanin opens up a little.  Listen as he admits it’s ‘ not about the children’ . . . it’s ‘about the power‘ – the power of ‘hundreds of millions of dollars!

Next time your local teacher’s union is ranting for a pay raise and more days off, remember what they’re really all about.

3 Responses to ““All About The Children”? Hardly!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Many of us knew that it was never “about the children” but about the power and the dues from all the sheep that gave that slimeball a standing ovation.

    The NEA and the other teachers unions have fooled the school committees, the parents and the media for years with their whining about “it’s for the children” when it has always just been about them and their progressive agenda that have attempted to brainwash our children and has contributed to the unsustainable debts that we and our proginy will be saddled with for decades to come.

  2. ironmike

    Is that Maine’s RiNO Senator Olympia Snowe rising to give this union thug an ovation?

  3. Rabid Republican

    This was so aggravating I just wrote a LTE to the Beacon. I wonder if they’ll print it. rr