Alaska: Miller Beats Murkowski By 2%

Posted August 26th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Captain Joe

Another stunning win by a Conservative!  Alaska’s Joe Miller got 1668 more votes than incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski.  He’ll face Sitka Mayor Democrat Scott McAdams in November.  Barring an October surprise Miller should win.  Dem vote total was just 30,855 against a Republican total of 92,386.

Are the days of “moderate Republicans” being numbered by TEA Party anger?

Murkowski grew up in a Republican household.  Her daddy was a US Senator [1981 – 02].  She was elected [on his name value] to the Alaska legislature in 1998.  When her daddy ran for Governor and won in 2002 – he appointed daughter Lisa to fill his vacant Senate seat. She was re-elected by an unimpressive margin in 2004.  Throughout her time in Washington she has been pro-choice and pro-stem cell research.  And she’s been dogged by ethical issues involving land deals.

As Governor from 2002-04, Daddy Frank was involved with the purchase of an expensive executive jet.  Sarah Palin challenged him on that and other issues, unseating him in 2006.  Most recently she supported Joe Miller’s senate bid.  I ~ guess ~ you could say that the Murkowskis and the Palins aren’t close friends.

Don’t let Joe Miller’s beard fool you.  He’s a USMA-89 grad and veteran of the first Gulf War – winning a Bronze Star.  He has a law degree from Yale, he’s been with a big Alaska law firm, and he’s been a judge magistrate.  He is a pro-life and pro-gun hunter, opposes ObamaCare and Cap&Tax, and all the other unconstitutional laws our Congress has recently passed.

Lesson for Republicans:  Read the Constitution and embrace it!  Go Joe!

’Nuther lesson for RepublicansSarah Palin ROCKS!!!

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  1. Tom Gilroy

    There are still between 5 and 8K absentee ballot votes to be counted and the Republicans are sending in a lawyer to supervise the counting that will take place next week. Watch out for the RNC!! Miss Lisa is a member of ” the establishment elite” inside the Beltway. Shades of Minnesota and Al Franken and yes I know he is a Dem.