Al Sharpton Owes $4.5 Million Back Taxes

Posted November 19th, 2014 by Iron Mike

With Ferguson Missouri set to explode in America’s first major race riot of the decade,  and Al Sharpton taking center stage before the cameras to talk about white policemen shooting unarmed black teens,…it is fitting to remember just how big a fraud he is.
Sharpton owes &4.5 million

Between his personal income, his for-profit Raw Talent and Ravels Communications, and his ‘non-profit’ National Action Network – he owes Uncle Sam and NY State $4.5 Million – some of it from over ten years ago….

At RRB we’re NOT saying that he’s a ‘tax cheat’!

We have no way of knowing if any of the pay-off money he leverages from businesses and universities is paid under the table and thus not reported….

We have no way of knowing how he handles his travel expenses and speaking fees….

We’re just reporting that he owes a lot of money, – way more than you or I could get away with,  – that he dresses well,  – has a high-profile job on national TV,  – hob-nobs with the pResident in the White House,  – and seems totally unworried about ever writing those checks.

I guess that being Black,…he’s somehow a victim of the ‘racist American tax system’? Or maybe he borrowed Tim Geithner’s copy of Turbo-Tax…?


JUST A HUNCH:  If Brother Al is stiff-arming the IRS and NY State, – I kind’a think he’s stiff-arming a lot of creditors.

Sooner or later somebody (maybe his tailor?) is going to take him to court,  and his tax documents and financial records will become public property.

MEANWHILE: if people are killed during the forthcoming Ferguson riots,  – people may sue him for stirring up the pot. They should!

3 Responses to “Al Sharpton Owes $4.5 Million Back Taxes”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Al “the Race Pimp, Tax Evading, Sharp Dressing” Sharpton, like so many of his kind and many Liberals in General, have no shame. They are the victims and in their stilted minds, we are the perpetrators. They foment police hatred, race riots, spew lies, cause untold damage and even death, but they, for some unknown reason, they are shielded from the justice system. The fact that Al is a major federal and state tax evader just compounds his rap sheet with the Tawana Brawley Scandal, the deaths in Brooklyn, etc. Maybe someday justice will be served.

  2. Hawk1776

    This is outrageous. With Sharpton’s history of tax evasion he should be in Obama’s cabinet. Where is the justice?

  3. Walter Knight

    Maybe the next Administration will prosecute Sharpton.

    You bring up an interesting idea. Lawsuits by property owners against those advocating riots. Oh we’ve become so civilized.

    Missouri has armed itself because the war has started.