Al Qaeda To “Try” Captured Peacekeepers

Posted September 5th, 2014 by Iron Mike

It is essentially a ploy for publicity and legitimacy in the world of competing terrorist groups.Captured Fiji Peacekeepers
The Al-Nursa Front – which just occupied the disarmed strip of the Golan Heights and captured 45 peacekeepers from Fiji – will try them under Sharia Law,…unless of course three key demands are met.

So what are Allah’s aspiring goons demanding?

Three (3) things – so far:

–  they want to be taken off the UN terrorist watch-list,

–  they want ‘humanitarian aid’ sent to their neighborhoods in Damascus, and…

–  they want compensation for three of their goons killed when the Filipino Peacekeepers fought back – before escaping in the night to the safety of Israeli lines.

They could get a lot of publicity and recruiting value out of this – appearing to be ‘more civilized’ than rival ISIS, – while still threatening a slow series of beheadings…

This will have the effect of discouraging small countries like Fiji from sending peacekeepers into areas where they are needed, – so a basic objective of al Qaeda has already been achieved.

This photo out of Syria pretty much epitomizes the culture of warfare in the entire Muslim world. So the Fiji Peacekeepers are at grave risk of being used as propaganda tools, – and may expect no mercy other than a quick bullet, – as opposed to being beheaded, crucified, burned alive or buried alive…

Al Nursa War Crime

So, will the ACLU or CAIR begin a recruiting drive for Arabic-speaking defense attorneys to go over and defend these infidels? Ya think?

Act of Mercy

I am so looking forward to hearing the White House and our State Department say something insightful and profound….


GOOD NEWS: Thursday, 11 Sept 2014 Those 45 Fiji Peacekeepers have been freed!

7 Responses to “Al Qaeda To “Try” Captured Peacekeepers”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I am sure this is headline news in Fiji and the Philipines, not so in the US were the news cycle is often blind and scytsophrenicly manipulated by the WH. Watch for the Mossad and IDF special forces to make a move to rescue the prisoners. Watch for Obama to do nothing but play golf in Cardiff, Wales. Watch for Kerry to say something else stupid. Watch for Biden to go off the WH script.

    As a side note, watch for Hillary to continue preaching that global warming is the world’s greatest threat, when if fact she is on my list for one of the world’s greatest threats.

  2. Varvara

    I hear Scotland has a very nice golf course.

  3. Walter Knight

    I’m trying to picture the United Nations taking decisive action. Not going to happen. Maybe they’ll pass a resolution.

  4. Walter Knight

    Notice that Filipino troops know better from experience not to surrender to Muslim terrorists.

    Ku Masta Ka?

  5. Jim Buba

    It’s a good thing that U.N. troops don’t shoot. They risk being tried and convicted of War Crimes.

    Sad. The solution is so very clear, but so very expensive for the Left. Knowing that only explains why it wasn’t done in 1975

  6. Casey Chapman

    Satan’s army is on the march, and at this point, Obama is acting like one of his minions.

  7. Walter Knight

    Now it turns out that a UN commander ordered the Filipino troops to surrender, but they fought their way out anyway.