Airbrushing Hillary

Posted September 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

The Left’s 3-year campaign to repackage the Witch begins. Airbrushing Hillary
New York Magazine runs a 7-page puff piece – complete with incredible airbrushed photo.

Hillaryphiles and low-information women will eat it up!

NY Mag

They really think you’re so stupid that by 2016 you’ll have forgotten Benghazi!

Stevens body

This WITCH is so callous she thinks Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal is a bigger threat to her campaign than her treason in Benghazi

Bye Anthony

5 Responses to “Airbrushing Hillary”

  1. Tom

    Is Huma her close Muslim Brotherhood confidant and not do secret lover? What about the misuse of funds from the Bill Clinton Library and Massage Palor? What kind of opposition research have the sleuths from both parties unearthed? Can you even imagine this raving b t h sitting in the Oval Office screaming “what difference does it make”?

  2. Casey Chapman

    Hillary reminds me of a cockroach! Filthy and hard to kill.

  3. Jim Gettens

    And how about the latest comments by Bullshit Bill Clinton’s former long-time paramour, Gennifer Flowers, to wit: HILLARY ATE MORE P*SSY THAN BILL DID!!!

  4. Varvara

    But, but, but, we need a female president. Can’t you just hear the libs saying this?

    I really believe she had a stroke when she appeared with the special glasses at the Benghazi hearing. As for airbrushing I think she has botox stock. Huma, oops, I better not, might get a few people angry.

  5. Blossom Stiefel

    I am truly worried that the morons that voted for what we now have in our White House will vote for Hillary. After all the “poor woman” was betrayed by her husband, and then passed over by her own party for the dictator that we have now. How could we not vote for her? She will get the women’s vote and the pity vote. She will do us in if this Administration doesn’t do it first. We are in very big trouble. G-d bless us and G-d bless America.