Ahead Of Tonight’s Debate

Posted October 22nd, 2012 by Iron Mike

Will Obama LIE and
spill SECRETS?

Can Mitt score a knockout?

Does the ‘average voter’ give a flip?

Successes: Obama will ‘claim’: ‘I got bin Laden!

Failures:  Mitt can point out:

Obama has been a Foreign Policy and National Defense disaster – for us, for our allies, and for the world in general.

Not only is our ECONOMY in far worse shape than it was 4 years ago, – the world had been allowed to drift into more chaos and danger. This happened on Obama’s watch. He may bob and weave tonight, but history will pin this squarely on his ass.

He appointed a political rival – Hillary Clintonwho was totally unqualified – to be Secretary of State. He did nothing when she selected Huma Abedin – a woman with direct family ties to the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood – to be her special assistant.

He has created chaos along our southern border by failing to stop illegal immigration, drug smuggling, – and by allowing the failed ATF operation Fast & Furious to smuggle thousands of weapons into Mexico – where they killed over 30,000 Mexicans.

He quickly snubbed Israel and sided with the ‘Palestinians’ – creating a very dangerous perceived power vacuum. Bad things always enter vacuums.

He was blindsided – or worse, chose to ignore – the ‘Arab Spring’ – which was really the rise of Islamic fascism across the Middle East and North Africa.

In the process – he publicly abandoned an ally – Egypt’s Mubarak – to the mob. By that single act he put all of our allies on notice that Obama does NOT have their back, that they too can be thrown into the hands of the mobs.

He revealed key Israeli military intelligence and military operations to the world. He ~ may ~ have done so thinking he was preventing their preemptive strike on Iran.  But by selling out a key ally, – he burned bridges with the entire free world. Now nobody wants to trust him.  ONLY a new president can restore that trust.

He failed to negotiate an acceptable Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq – so we left that country virtually helpless against the Iranians. Obama will spin this as having ‘kept a promise to end the war in Iraq’; – but he and his side-kick clown Biden have allowed a massive power vacuum to form in the heart of the Middle East. Americans will pay for this with blood for fifty years.

He failed to get the undivided attention of the Iranian Twelvers, who are bent on bringing about Armageddon. When a genuine ‘Green Revolution’ hit the streets of Iran in 2009, – he rebuffed their pleas for recognition, and sided with Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs. A priceless opportunity to topple a dangerous and nuclear-bound regime was lost. Again, Americans will die as a result.

He dithered for months ‘deciding’ on the proper number of troops to surge into Afghanistan, then fired Stan McChrystal – our best counter-insurgency general since Andrew Jackson. Worse he invoked such restrictive Rules of Engagement that our troops were essentially fighting handcuffed.

He dithered for months ~ possibly a full year ~ on going after and killing bin Laden. In the end he did NOT make that key decision, Hillary and Leon Panetta did – and only because frustrated intelligence and military officials threatened to ‘go public’.

THEN, he and Biden TOTALLY BLEW MILITARY SECRECY by revealing how we located him and who the troops on the raid were. He compromised all of them – and their families – for a hundred years.

A Pakastani doctor who helped us rots in jail. 

The Pakistani ISI – their intelligence service – continues to aid the Taliban in killing Americans.

Under his watch this spring a Russian Akula-class nuclear submarine operated for a month undetected in the Caribbean Sea.

Under his watch a Chinese submarine launched an ICBM from just west of Los Angeles – and his entire Defense Department denied it.

Under his watch Hugo Chaves of Venezuela completed a deal with the Russians to build an arms factory in Aragua – to build up to 25,000 AK-103s per year and up to 60 million rounds of ammunition per year. WHO does Hugo plan to go to war with?

Just last week [two weeks ago for Biden] Obama was unable to define his policy about the violence going on in Syria. He has been repeatedly cowed by Russian’s Putin – into inaction – even as Syrian Bashar al-Assad continues to murder upwards of 30,000 of his people.

Under his watch some 20,000 ManPADs [Russian-built, shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles capable of downing a passenger jet, a jet fighter, or a helicopter] went missing in Libya as Gaddafi’s regime toppled. These missiles have a shelf life of over 30 years!

Under his watch, the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong-il and the ascendency of his son Kim Jong-un to power came with no overtures to finally end the Korean War and normalize relationships with that rogue state.

He has diminished the image of American sovereignty and world power by bowing to foreign leader and apologizing for the righteous and worthy acts Americans have taken to liberate oppressed peoples and ensure world peace.

After the September 11th Benghazi Massacre, he denied it was an act of terrorism by al Qaeda, – instead blamed it on an obscure video nobody had seen. He continues to deny his administration did anything wrong in denying the required level of security, – but he STILL made Hillary take ‘the blame’.

In March at a missile defense conference in Seoul, Obama told Russian President Medvedev that after the election ‘he’d have more flexibility‘. To do what??!?

The 9/11 plotters sitting in Guantanamo have STILL not been tried – after 45 months of the Obama presidency!?!

Obama sent troops into three (3) shooting wars – Libya, Yemen, and Uganda – all without Congressional permission, – and into Jordan – adjacent to a shooting war – again without Congressional consultation. He has totally ignored our Constitution.

The November 2009 Fort Hood massacre [13 killed, 29 wounded] by Major Hasan – who yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’, is STILL classified as ‘workplace violence’ and not Islamic terrorism.

Obama froze American oil drilling – on shore and off-shore, and new refinery construction. Yet he gave Billion$ to Brazil to drill off-shore, and Billion$ to Columbia to build an oil refinery.

Even as the election is just two weeks away, he has allowed UN poll watchers into OUR COUNTRY under the guise of ensuring there is no ‘Hispanic voter intimidation’. Are you insulted to have our elections scrutinized by foreigners?

This anti-American anti-Christian pResident has continually worked against our national interests and our national defense.  He has made our world more dangerous.

Can Mitt make this case tonight – and at a level that the average uninformed / disinterested voter can understand?

Print out this blog and check off the items which get discussed and debated tonight.

3 Responses to “Ahead Of Tonight’s Debate”

  1. Flick

    Iron Mike, you should quickly forward this to Mitt for tonight’s debate. It’s all the facts he needs to send this Commie packing back to Chitown to be with his buddy Rahm. Maybe Rahm can fit him in somewhere in a refresher program to be a community organizer again.

  2. Victor

    1) Republicans Scott Brown and John McCain defended Huma Abedin against the “Muslim Brotherhood” attacks by Bachmann and others in 2012
    2) The Vietnam War, The Korean War, The Iraq War, and The “War on Terror” were not Congressionally approved wars, just like the “Obama wars” you describe
    3) Obama’s plan to increase offshore drilling and encourage “green energy” was rejected by the Republican house in H.R. 6082 with a replacement that cuts out the entire renewable energy industry. The Bush energy policy kissed Israel and Egypt’s asses and relied on foreign oil from Iran more than ever
    4) The “Arab Spring” movements are trying to oust ruthless dictators like Ahmedinejad, they have no intention of creating “Islamist Fascism,” which already exists in those countries.
    5) The suspects in Guantanamo Bay were held without trial for 7 years under GWB, who gave as much of a rat’s ass as Obama does about them
    6) According to unbiased factcheckers, Obama has deported about 9,000 more illegal immigrants a month than GWB did.


    Sorry Victor – McCain and Brown are very pale Republicans. Brown even called Kagan ‘fully qualified’ to sit on the Supreme Court – even though she NEVER argued a case before a jury.

    Your other 5 points are equally flawed…but you keep clinging to them.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    Obama has built a foreign policy on trying to appease and make friends with America’s enemies, this policy has emboldened our enemies and abandoned our allies. This policy is an utter failure, and has put the lives of Americans in peril. The Middle East is in turmoil, when our enemies see their horrendous actions justified by our president, they become more brazen. Our nation and our allies will never be safe until we have a President of the United States who will defend its people and freedom at any cost.

    We need Mitt Romney in the White House, he will do an excellent job as our President. He works hard, he attained what we call “the American Dream”. He loves this country, he believes in capitalism and what this country stands for.

    Under President Obama we have a stagnant economy and high unemployment. He pours taxpayer dollars into green energy companies that have failed. Governor Romney has funded winning startup companies with his money and created tens of thousands of jobs.

    As Mark Levin says on TheRightScoop.com: “Obama has outsourced our credit to the Chinese, he has outsourced our energy to Saudi Arabia, he has outsourced NASA to the Russians…and he has outsourced our foreign policy to the United Nations.” We need President Romney in 2012!