“Against All Enemies, Foreign Or Domestic”

Posted May 25th, 2019 by Iron Mike

We’re in a W-A-R Folks, – we have been since Bill Clinton was elected,  – and some of our so-called “Republican Leaders” have been utter traitors.

For the sake of your Children and Grand-kids – please wake up now and don’t waste these next 17 months.  Can you ~ imagine ~ what a Democrat victory in 2020 would do to our Republic?

What A 2020 Democrat / Socialist VICTORY Bodes:

Open Borders – easily 20 million unwelcome Aztec peasants arriving to demand welfare and instant citizenship, – and then Spanish as our “Second Official Language”.

Unlimited Abortion – paid for by YOU, – to include post-birth killing of babies born alive,  – if the mother changes her mind or it’s a girl….

Overturning the 2nd Amendment – in giant steps – by decreeing national registration, restricting ammo sales,  forced buy-backs,  closing shooting ranges,  and confiscation raids on Citizen’s homes.

Stuffing the Courts with young liberals – turning our Constitutional Republic into a bygone dream – replaced by Rule by Judicial Fiat!

ObamaCare Returnedwith a vengeance, – insurance companies slowly forced to become part of a giant government agency.

A Chinese-dictated Trade Deal – giving the bastards free reign to loot our country and thus control the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Promoting Islam – to include establishing Sharia Courts – first to handle family matters,  – then to deal with criminal matters….  Turning certain Islamic holy days into National Holidays.

Israel abandoned – these Leftists already call our allies a pariah state – they manage to blame Jews for 71 years of Muslim hatred,  violence,  and corruption.

Eliminating our Electoral College – which would mean the welfare populations of our 10 largest cities would suddenly control our destiny.

Super-Taxing the “Wealthy” – starting with Billionaires, – but over just a few years stretching the level down – reaching any family making over $200K, – then $100K.

Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote“just in local elections” – but absolutely impossible to control, – and the Left knows it.

Legalizing Marijuana and Opioids – because drugged citizens are so much easier to control.

Tearing Down Monuments and Statues – deeming every piece of our 400-year old history to be ‘racist’ and ‘offensive’,…until future generations have no clue about what being an American means.

Pedophilia and Kiddie Porn – decriminalized, because Democrats are so into it…


There sure is!   Democrats (socialists) could decisively win the WH,  the House,  and even the Senate in 2020, or by 2022…. They’d be full of themselves, – believing they had a “mandate from the People”

And by quickly overreaching in their attempts to kill off our Constitution and turn us into another Europe – complete with Muslim hordes,they could trigger a second civil war.  This would most likely begin with a series of assassinations.


Most of you are fully aware that our largest cities have been under complete Democrat control for decades, – and today have festering areas of long-term poverty, crime, drug addiction, minimal education, and tend to have become ethnic ghettos.

As Democrat rule worsens, – as Democrats elect ever more corrupt and incompetent officials – as in Baltimore, Dearborn, Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New Orleans, – city services will break down.  Worthy cops, firefighters, and medical staffs will give up and move away, – leaving utter anarchy and gang warfare behind.

In this scenario, ethnic gang warfare could quickly spread to the suburbs,  then from hell-hole city to hell-hole city.  Neither our state police forces nor our Army and Marines are trained for such warfare.  In this scenario, – the initial fighting will be between clashing ethnic groups, but will inevitably become racial as working white populations in suburban communities come under assault – and fight back.


The Soros / AntiFA Factor:

For these past two summers we’ve watched the George Soros AntiFA forces test their strength and turn several big cities into battlegrounds. Portland,  Charlottesville,  and Boston come quickly to mind.  Liberal city mayors were unsure how to react when these 21st Century Nazi Sturmabteilung (political thugs) turned up in threatening numbers – ready to inflict violence.

In several instances all poorly trained and ineptly led cops could do was stand by and treat the wounded. In Boston a liberal mayor and his cops sided with the goons and ordered a 1st Amendment Free Speech rally off the Common.

Folks,  George Soros and his socialist globalist thugs have been preparing and rehearsing for 2020 for years now – starting with the Occupy movement.

When they can muster 40,000 stupid college kids with a tweet,  – to come and silence FREE SPEECH (they call it “Hate Speech”), – our Citizens need to be ready, organized, and armed!

Pray for our Country,…

.but be READY to F-I-G-H-T for it! 

2 Responses to ““Against All Enemies, Foreign Or Domestic””

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Ammo up, America….

  2. Kojack

    Oh yes, they’re pretty brave when they out-number an un-armed opposition but don’t forget THESE ARE THE SAME ASSHOLES WHO SCURRY INTO THEIR SAFE SPACES WHEN FACED WITH A SITUATION THEY CAN’T CONTROL. DETONATING A COUPLE OF M-80’S OR FIRING A FEW 5.56 ROUNDS IF IT COMES DOWN TO THAT, WILL SEND THEM RUNNING FOR COVER!!! They do their real damage at the polls.