AG Lisa Madigan Aiding Burglars

Posted March 3rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

Gun Hater

It’s Illinois for God’s sake – you’d think there was enough corruption and crime to keep an honest AG busy 24 x 7.

But Lisa Madigan is on a liberal crusade to aid and abet house breakers, burglars and thieves.  She wants to give the press a list of every gun license in the state.  Gee, who might find that information useful?

Who might want to know if you have licensed firearms in your home?

Gun thieves!  All they’d have to do is wait until you were gone – at work, at church, or at a Republican rally.  A quick entry and they’ve got your guns.

Burglars!  Why risk breaking into an armed home?  With a list from their local newspaper handy they can now target the unarmed homes.

Gun-Paranoid Activists!  You could wake up some morning and find a bunch of anti-gun nuts picketing your home or your workplace.

So far the keepers of the licenses – the Illinois State Police – are resisting Madigan.  They understand the dangers.   State Rep Ron Stevens has taken up the cause in the State Legislature.  But remember, the strongest anti-gun lobby comes from Chicago liberals – who took their anti-gun crusade [McDonald v. Chicago] all the way to the Supreme Court – and lost ignominiously.

Then they came home and rewrote city laws to get around the intent of the ruling.


Three reasons:  One, – there is a lot of gun crime in Chicago.  It’s always been a violent town – at least since the days of Al Capone, and the murder rate is 16 / 100,000 people.  Even though it doesn’t come close to the nation’s ‘top ten’, it makes good political grist for Democrats to ‘run against guns and gun violence’.

Two, – there are a lot of gun-phobic knee-jerk liberals out there.  These folks are convinced that ‘Guns kill people, and if there were no guns there’d be no murders’.  [I wonder how they explain the genocides in Rwanda?]

Both groups, – having no historical knowledge to draw from, ignore the reasons for and the blunt meaning of our 2nd Amendment.  And right now they are playing into the hands of the Obama/Soros cartel. 

Three, – real socialists such as the Obama/Soros cartel know that what they’re doing is an affront to a free people.  They know we think of them as cunningly evil and traitors, – or both.  They fear an aroused and armed citizenry just as any ancient king or modern dictator.  To them, getting guns out of the hands of patriotic citizens is a matter of political survival.

So what accounts for Lisa’s crusade against firearms in the hands of patriots?  Why does she want to publish the FOID list?  What’s in it for her?  Ask her:

Springfield Main Office
500 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-1090 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

BTW:  Iron Mike’s advice to CitizensYou should own a firearm.  You’re getting older every day, and you may not be able to get to your phone and dial 911. 

Owning a firearm is YOUR business.  Don’t show it off or tell anybody.  Have a 5-year supply of ammo.  Keep it safe from kids. 

Keep it handy for that awful ememgency when somebody is in your house.  Don’t miss.  If lying in bed take care not to shoot off  your toes.  If you’ve never fired a weapon in a small room, – plan on 30 minutes to get your hearing back.  Then call the police.

NEVER yell out “I’ve got a gun!”  The goon will leave, but come back three nights later doped up and with two buddies.  Now you’ve got to kill all three.

2 Responses to “AG Lisa Madigan Aiding Burglars”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    I noticed that you did not say own a “licensed” firearm beause if you do they, the authorities, have your name and address. When somebody like, Marsha, DuhVal, Holder or Obummer wants to suspend our Second Amendment right they know where to find you and your gun(s). Beware!!

  2. John

    Just when I thought I had seen and heard it all; how stupid can people be? This public exposure of legal gun owners will not only endanger legal gun owners and there families, but it will also get stupid gun theives hurt or killed trying to steal guns from our homes! Our public servants need to get busy with important government business that actully will make our country function better and leave things that work alone!!!!!