AG Bill Barr Warns Hoarders

Posted March 24th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Always low key and methodical,  Barr explains:  “If you are sitting on a warehouse of surgical masks, – you will be hearing a knock on the door.”

Watching this clip,  – it seems that Barr may already have a specific target in his sights.

Well, well, well…Look at what the SEIU suddenly discovered…


One Response to “AG Bill Barr Warns Hoarders”

  1. Catherine

    I agree; it sounds like he has specific targets in mind.

    There is a HUGE difference between people who charge more during a crisis for needed supplies, and hoarders. Charging more – if one bothers to study REAL economics – is actually a good thing, because it then becomes profitable to pay workers overtime for extra shifts, and to pay the freight charges, to get those supplies where they are needed as quickly as possible. Think post-tornado, or post-hurricane, a relatively limited area with damage that needs help from far-away sources. More help arrives, faster, and in better condition, than otherwise.

    Hoarders, OTOH, are purposefully withholding necessary supplies to cause the shortage they then hope first to cause and then to cash in on – and bedamned how many are hurt by so doing.