Adam Schiff’s Own Ukrainian Connection

Posted October 1st, 2019 by Iron Mike

Shifty Adam Schiff’s fake outrage that President Trump might talk to a Ukrainian Leader about the crooked Bidens,  – should be taken with a BIG GRAIN of SALT.

Shifty was glad to get money from a Ukrainian arms dealer back in 2013, and his Ukrainian connections should be looked into.

Worldwide Aeros Corp, – formerly of the Ukraine and now of Montebello, Calif (not far from Shifty’s 28th Congressional District) is run by Igor Pasternak – an international arms dealer and maker of inflatable airships.


Pasternak was born in Kazakhstan – moved to Russia and then to the Ukraine, –  and now the USA.   Most interesting….

And,…he has a side business….

Maybe Mister Schiff needs to come clean about HIS overseas contacts? 

Hat Tip:  Miss Prim!

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