Actor-in-Chief Feigns WikiLeaks Outrage

Posted November 29th, 2010 by Iron Mike

In under two years Barack Hussein Obama Jr has completed one of his lifetime quests.  He has reduced the once-respected, powerful and free-world leading United States to a pathetic laughing stock.  Ironically, he didn’t have to actually do anything.  He just sat by and let the events unfold.  

Julian Assange and WiliLeaks is dumping hundreds of thousands of highly classified and highly sensitive documents into the internet for public viewing.  Obama could have and should have stopped it.  He did absolutely nothing.

Today he’s pretending to be outraged.  He’s ordered a review of how we handle classified documents.  It’s a meaningless gesture – it’s all for show.  All the horses are out of the barn.  Secretly Obama is delighted with the events of these past six months.

A country like ours has always had enemies, both external and internal.  The Founders recognized this.  The oaths that soldiers, police officers and government officials take fully reflect the reality that living amongst us are the flakey, the untrustworthy, and the treasonous.  We swear to “…uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution…from all enemies,  foreign or domestic”.

In the matter of the WikiLeaks documents, – we have been effectively attacked by both foreign and domestic enemies.  Frankly, I’m of the opinion that our foreign-born, Soros-allied, America-hating undocumented pResident is a foreign enemy.  If you think he was born in Hawaii, then you can call him a domestic enemy.  But in his Constitutional role as Commander-in-Chief, he never lifted a finger to stop the leaks, and such absolute dereliction of duty is nothing short of high treason.

As I’ve stated before on these pages, American soldiers, American civilians, and American agents will be killed because of the leaked documents.  So will allies and innocents who are associated with us. People who have helped us – even in very small ways – will have their families butchered in front of them, then be butchered themselves.  Perhaps the leakers didn’t think this far, but Obama and Assange did.  They absolutely don’t care.

The Beginning:

Our new ‘politically correct and socially enlightened’ military stopped screening out all but the most outrageously flagrant homosexuals years ago.  So Bradley Manning, a gay man who may also be transgendered, was allowed in and rose to the junior enlisted rank of Specialist E-4 and worked in communications.  Assigning a gay man there was a military blunder of biblical proportions. 

Early this summer sitting at his computer, Manning decided that two videos shot from Army helicopters depicted callous war crimes.  He contacted a computer hacker friend – Adrian Lamo – and released the videos to him.  It caused some embarrassment with our Iraqi partners. 

But by now Manning was facing the reality that his ‘military career’ was going nowhere.  

He had been reading the highly classified message traffic passing through his network.  He copied hundreds of thousands of highly sensitive State Dept and military communications and reports – and passed them either through Lamo – or directly to WikiLeaks founder and America hater Julian Assange.  

Manning has been arrested by the Army and will certainly face court-martial.  Depending on the exact charges, he could face the death penalty, and certainly a life sentence.  


As our State and Defense Departments have tried to assess exactly what Manning handed over, and exactly how our allies and enemies are likely to react,  Assange has been playing his hand to the fullest.  He has essentially been blackmailing Obama, wanting him to immediately withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Assange is absolutely convinced that our military operations and our foreign policy is an ongoing exercise in human rights abuses and criminal behavior.  Assange is one of those fellows who absolutely knows that he is way smarter than the entire US Government, and that he knows what’s best for the world.  

So for Thanksgiving Weekend,  he is rapidly been putting the bulk of the documents on line.  Our allies are pissed, our State Department is embarrassed, and our entire military intelligence and national intelligence apparatus has been badly compromised.  Methods, capabilities and  secrets are out in the open. 

Now, faced with world-wide backlash, Obama is pretending to be angry.  It’s just theater!  Inwardly he is giggling his ass off.  He’s had six (6) full months to track down Assange, the entire WikiLeaks operation, and the disks and flash drives containing the documents.  He never lifted a finger


What could have been done has been amply demonstrated by events elsewhere.  

In Iran ~ somebody ~ infected that nation’s nuclear processing equipment with the very powerful Sustex computer virus in September, halting the refinement of uranium, and halting their race to build an atomic bomb.  A similar attack could have been made on WikiLeaks computer servers.

Just yesterday in Iran yesterday two brave souls rode up on separate motorbikes and planted bombs on the cars of two Iranian nuclear scientists.  One scientist was killed, the other injured. Dead scientists don’t build bombs.

Back in 1990, Canadian artillery scientist Gerald Bull – who was working on several military projects [super-gun and SCUD nose cones] for Saddam at the time – was assassinated in Brussels, ~ perhaps by the Israeli Mossad.

The point is that when national security and national survival is at stake,  leaders are not expected to pussyfoot around wring their hands.  They’re expected to act.  Once again Obama has failed to answer that 3 AM phone call.  If he was too pussy to take out Assange and WikiLeaks when there was ample time,  is it any wonder that the NorKs, the Chinese,  and the Mexican drug cartels are walking all over him? 

Hey Obama, playing B-ball with the bros over at Fort McNair doesn’t make you a man!  Hell, FDR in a friggin’ wheelchair was tougher than you are.  Barack, you are a P-U-S-S-Y!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. Perplexed Senior

    Tell us what you really think about the Traitor in Chief. Rush is in total agreement and I am sure that Beck, Savage and Hannity will be as well. What Representative will start the Articles of Impeachment for his not only high crimes and misdemeanors, but treason? Where will Air Force One be heading next, Kenya?