Acton’s Swamp Begins To Drain

Posted January 10th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Long the intellectual watering hole for arrogant smarter-than-you Acton LibTurds,  – suddenly they’re not selling enough Hillary and Bernie books to pay the light bill,  – much less pay the snotty clerks who work there.

Willow Books is going out of business – even before Trump is inaugurated!

Over the years I’ve been an occasional customer,   – and watched their selection shift decidedly left,  – while their map section shrank to nearly nothing.

And the staff became pointedly disinterested in helping me find particular conservative books.  When they actually had them,  – they were always on the bottom shelves….

I can only guess,…that they probably made a huge investment in Hillary’s books,…which they didn’t sell…..

I bet they’re stuck with them.  Tough Shit!

Send them to Venezuela as toilet paper….

The place is big enough to accommodate a decent family restaurant – maybe even a nightclub.

Soon Willow Books will become yet another monument to Niki Tsongas and the Massachusetts Democrat Party.


3 Responses to “Acton’s Swamp Begins To Drain”

  1. Catherine

    A couple of decades ago I used to go there and had fond memories of it. So I stopped in a few years back – was disgusted and appalled, left and never looked back. Those of us who work hard for our money have no need to waste it on propaganda. Hey – should’t all that stuff be FREE anyway? Were they selling it looking for filthy PROFIT? Hypocrites! Fortunately, going the way of those who do not understand free enterprise.

  2. Jim Gettens

    Willow Books and, looks like, the Lefty Boston Globe newspaper. Trend here?

    Where will JamieBoy buy reading material???

  3. SpecialSnowflake

    What a weird thing to attack. Willow Books wasn’t a liberal bookstore. It was a plain old independent bookstore, in business for 20-25 years. I’ve seen plenty of conservative books on the shelves there, and not stashed on some bottom shelf, either. It also had a large children’s book area, an admirable used book section, and a decent staff recommendation area for fiction.

    The store owner decided to retire. Bookstores are a tough business in the age of Amazon, and I’m sure that played into it. If more people shopped locally and if it were located in a place with more foot traffic, I’m sure it’d be easier.

    But relax, Mike. The rest of the world might be against you, but I don’t think your local bookshop ever was.