Acton’s JamieBoy Eldridge On Tucker Carlson

Posted March 31st, 2017 by Iron Mike

Tucker,…you’ve done it now.  This left-wing libturd’s head will swell up and explode!

Watch Tucker question Eldridge as he never gets questioned here in Marxachusetts!

The issues Tucker is bringing up is State Rep Michelle DuBois who tipped off illegals in Brockton when she believed ICE was about to make some raids.

This as the state has learned that the suspect in the rape and strangulation murder of Sandra “Buffy” Hehir – a Worcester Teacher Aide – by repeat offender and illegal alien Jose Melendes – who was caught because his DNA matched a 2000 rape

Note how little empathy JamieBoy has for the rape/murder victim,  – but how he supports DuBois…..

Like all Democrats, JamieBoy doesn’t care about ‘people‘ – certainly not as people.

He cares about POWER and VOTES!

You see,  they teased JamieBoy in school,  – and he’s out for revenge!

12 Responses to “Acton’s JamieBoy Eldridge On Tucker Carlson”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    At this particular moment, other than DuBois and Eldridge, I can’t think of two better examples of the absolute deterrent value of the death penalty…. But then, except for Federal capital cases, as Mr. Tsarnaev can certainly testify, Massachusetts doesn’t have a death penalty….


    And as child-raping priest James Geoghan discovered on Aug 23, 2003, the Death Penalty can be administered in prison – by other prisoners…

  2. Leonard Mead


    If I still lived in MA — I’d be calling the movers today. How do you put up with these people — Jamie is your REP????! — I just get sick thinking what I’d be doing if I actually lived in sanctuary Massachusetts.

    Happy in Sunny Florida,
    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  3. Catherine

    I can’t even watch; these lowlife scum make me nauseated.

  4. Old Scout

    Needs Bubba for a cell mate!!!!

  5. Paul J Baldi

    Dubois should be charged with obstruction of justice
    at the very least. She is way out of line with her actions
    and then had the nerve to say she’s “proud of herself”.
    Really?? What a miserable life she must have if tipping
    off potential law breakers makes you “proud”. What a
    pile of horse manure.

  6. Kojack

    I saw the interview with Tucker Carlson last night. Jamie boy is A TOTAL MORON.


  7. Meat And Potatoes

    Great piece Mike!

  8. SpecialSnowflake

    I much prefer this time-honored video of Tucker Carlson, professional douche:


    Jon Steward is your idea of incisive political wit?

    You do live in a world of lollipop trees and unicorns….

    How much money did you donate to JamieBoy in 2016?

  9. SpecialSnowflake

    There are few people who can be objectively described as funny and incisive. Jon Stewart is one of them. You might not like him yourself, but he was rarely bad at what he did. The country missed someone like him in the political conversation in 2016.

    I am genuinely curious who you would prop up as your own idea of “incisive political wit.”

    I didn’t donate to any local races last year.


    “I didn’t donate to any local races last year.”

    Makes sense…you’re all mouth – but no TEETH! Won’t put your MONEY where your mouth is…i.e. Liberal Hypocrite.

    WHAT have you EVER done – in your whole life, – to make our country stronger, safer, or more prosperous…?

  10. SpecialSnowflake

    Just because I didn’t give to local races last year doesn’t mean I didn’t give to anyone. Given that Trump was (and remains) the greatest internal threat to our democracy in decades, I gave to HRC. I gave nothing to Sen. Eldridge and he won, and I gave more to Sec. Clinton and she lost, so my personal financial contributions didn’t make a giant impact. Since the election, I’ve given to various causes to support their continuing work, including independent media outlets, environmental defense groups, legal organizations that support refugees and other immigrants, and Planned Parenthood of Texas.

    As I’m sure you have, too, I’ve done work to help lift up our country. My wife and I are both active in local government, and I’m a teacher (though I’m sure you’d find offensive my curricular narratives about inclusivity, global awareness, stereotype threat and implicit bias, and kindness). We can all always do more; thanks for the reminder to do so.


    From your description of your curriculum I guess I’d have to classify you as a public enemy and an ongoing threat to our Young Republic. Enjoy tomorrow’s posting.

    If you voted for Hillary you are either deliberately uninformed, – or a willing co-conspirator to her treason.

    And if you gave to PP – what do you tell your students about killing babies?

  11. SpecialSnowflake

    “A public enemy and an ongoing threat to our Young Republic”? I’ll have to put that on my résumé!

  12. Sonny's Mom

    So the Snowflake comes clean, and it’s bad news: an adult 5th columnist, and proud of it! Apparently this guy’s idea of “public service” is teaching kids to despise the same country that gave him everything.

    Wonder how many young girls he’s steered to Planned Parenthood without their parents knowledge, or whether he hands out “extra credit” for starting street protests?