Acton’s JamieBoy Eldridge Just Got Skunked!

Posted August 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It seems the State Democrat ‘Powers’ have a chosen candidate in mind to follow do-nothing Tsilent Tsongas,  – and it isn’t Acton’s JamieBoy!  He’s backing out early.

You’d have to ask Stephen Lynch what that’s like;  – he ~ thought ~ he was running to replace Lurch a few years back…then Markey the Clown ran him over with the Ice Cream Truck.
Hey Jamie,  maybe they want that cute young Koh kid who’s been wiping Marty Walsh’s ass these past years…

5 Responses to “Acton’s JamieBoy Eldridge Just Got Skunked!”

  1. Terry

    Jamie boy backs teaching twelve year old kids about anal sex.
    Marty better watch out, I think Jamie boy Like a that kind of thing.

  2. Jim Buba

    My, my, my… full circle (jerk) comes round with the ‘you hain’t good enough to insult us’ moment.

    Maybe Jamie will start breaking into the copy machines for spare change and a warm shoulder.

  3. Catherine

    Couldn’t have happened to a scummier turd. Good riddance! At least the threat of this lowlife being elected (this time around, for this election) is gone.

  4. Jim Gettens

    The Democrat mascot is, appropriately, the ASS, otherwise known as the donkey.
    A mule is the offspring of a male ASS (Jackass) and a mare. Mules are sterile.

    JamieBoy, on the other hand, is a HORSE’S ASS who, therefore, should leave the Democrat (ASS) party and just run as a HORSE’S ASS.

    You might say that JamieBoy is, er, ‘sterile’ by reason of ORIENTATION, but that just puts him in a sub-class of the HORSE’S ASS category.

    JamieBoy could stay in and turn this into a real HORSE’S ASS race…

  5. Bill

    Well, if Jamie will not be allowed to play in the big leagues, he will probably be trying to keep his old MA Senate seat. We need to replace him in that case.


    He’s already PROVEN he can’t make a living as a lawyer in the private sector!