Acton’s Democrats Raised In Dog Shit Mentality

Posted October 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Petty, stupid, malicious, and smug, – the Democrats of Acton Mass defiantly want to kill babies,  – give sanctuary to Muslims and Mexicans,  – and legalize drugs,…all while raising your taxes to provide four free local bus ‘services’.
After doing three Trump standouts yesterday,  – I came home to one of their typical political statements – 40+ bags of dog shit dumped in my driveway.

Imagine the crippled mental process of the social retard who either saved these,  – or went to a local park to collect them,…put them in his car,….and waited until my car was gone so he felt safe to come trespassing…

There is a local turd-flinger in my neighborhood,  – because from time to time we find one of his political droppings….

This time he – or another one,  – outdid himself.

I’ve lived in this socialist collective cesspool for 30+ years now,  – first in Lexington and for the past 24 in Acton.  I’ve come to recognize the single-minded mental workings of these bottom-dwelling government dependents;..

…they want F-R-E-E STUFF,…and when you point out the social and financial costs of “free”,…they assume you are getting rich and living well off the backs indentured servants.

The entire world of free enterprise, creativity, and risk-taking and profits are foreign to them,…and being foreign,…frighten them. They seek the nurturing security of a government job, a union card, and the reassuring words of a shop steward telling them that they’ll file a grievance.

Try something on their own…? Terrifying!

It’s not hard to understand the chain of events:

One of these turd-flinging MoonBat Zombies saw me at the intersection holding my Trump sign,  – and had another mental melt-down.

Either he’d been saving up his dog’s droppings planning for such an occasion,  – or he scurried to a local park to collect his offering,  – and did a quick drive-by like a ghetto-dwelling gang-banger.

And by doing so demonstrated why this pathetic state boasts over 100 colleges and universities,  – but is #49 on the list of states where companies want to start a business or locate a new facility.

What thinking entrepreneur would risk capital investing in a state where different political viewpoints bring a barrage of Democrat dog shit?

It’s pretty certain that the first state to go belly-up will be either California or Massachusetts,….and if Hillary is in office,….it will be the beginning of a chain reaction.

And even then the dog-shit flinging Democrats of Acton will blame those evil,  greedy Republicans… “who want to ruin everything…”

Somewhere in Acton a DemoCRAP will read this and exclaim:

Oh, we would never do that!

Really?  You are the bastards who keep voting for stupid civic projects,  – keep raising taxes,  – tolerate with a knowing smile corrupt politicians and officials,  – and keep buying the Boston Globe,  – to have your discredited political and economic beliefs reinforced and blessed in print.

You are the dumb-asses who smugly put a BLM sign in your yard,  – and then contribute to Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List.

You desperately want to feel good,…

– but actual THINKING and MATH are beyond your abilities…

…but flinging dog shit is right in your comfort zone!

11 Responses to “Acton’s Democrats Raised In Dog Shit Mentality”

  1. John

    Time for a wildlife camera?

  2. Asusue

    After some of your previous encounters with local female moonbats I am surprised you would assume this was a male of that species.

  3. Terri

    There those blessed democrats go, being all tolerant and stuff again. Amazing.

  4. Jim Gettens

    I agree with John–time to buy and mount trail cams.

  5. Theredhead

    I would be PISSED! These Turd throwing Dem’s think that they think that they can get away with that I totally agree on the camera and I would TOSS their asses in Jail so bad it wouldn’t be funny the sick twisted SOB!! They wont think it’s funny that get to sit in jail then they would proclaim they are the Victims! FTS! I say toss all of those hate mongers in jail and the shady Bitch and her Rapist husband right along with them!

  6. Jim

    As asusue mentioned… it is probably a libtard femme. Or, perhaps a gender-disoriented man. No real man would engage in such activities… he’d confront the person directly, or write a blog, or just shut up.

  7. Jim

    Oh, and it’s sad to see what Acton has become. It was once a great town to live in. This is one of the reasons we left.

  8. Leonard Mead

    Congratulations, Mike!

    When I’d piss off democrat low-information and union types in Westborough, MA with a conservative op-ed in the paper, the best I could get would be a pack or two of cigarette buts on my driveway.

    A great, courageous step up for democrat liberals improving their illegal, mindless, trespassing actions with dog shit!

    Happily watching things in MA from Florida,

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  9. Kojack


  10. Mt Woman

    They are sowing what they are reaping. You were at a rally to support and grow our liberty and Constitutional rights and they were stinking in
    a pile of hot shoveled s&it!

  11. MC

    Political expression … What kind of sad people grow up in Democrat households where they learn that flinging dog shit is a legitimate form of political expression.

    I would wonder if they were always Hillary supporters or just switched to her this year.

    If they spent just half the time it took them to collect that dog shit and did a bit of research on Hillary and her past instead of living with their head under a rock, they might feel differently –but then again we are talking about liberals — the giveme free folks.