Acton Health Survey… more government in our lives!

Posted March 1st, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

2010 is the new 1984

Do these people not read newspapers?

I got this in my email this morning. I’d ask anyone that can, to respond with whatever responses you feel are appropriate. I answered “Low Priority” to all of them with some rather long comments on why I view more government intrusion into our lives is unwarranted and unnecessary and unwelcome. I also noted that “No Interest” is NOT an option. Therefore the results are immediately tainted as the survey organizers obviously want certain answers.  See/Take the survey. You don’t need to be an Acton resident to take it.

Included areas are: Physical Wellness, Food and Nutrition, Transportation, Public Health Information and Education, Community Connections/Communication, Environmental Awareness, Mental Health and Wellness, Diversity, Safety and Security, and the ever popular “Other”. All ways the government can “help” you live your life.

One wonders if these people don’t live in today’s world. The world of ever dwindling tax revenues due to the economy. The world where we’re looking for LESS government involvement in our lives, not more. I guess not.

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  1. Flick

    What’s your assigned date/time to pick up your seedpods in the town square?