Acton Has An Ugly Secret

Posted January 21st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Acton’s Republican Town Committee gathered last night for our January meeting.  In a departure from format we drank a champagne toast to Scott Brown’s stunning upset victory.  Many in the room had labored long and hard to achieve it.  It was a rare moment for us.  But it couldn’t fully hide our dark little secret.  Acton’s vote was our forth-in-a-row 60/40 loss.  Our town has become “MoonBat Central”, while our RTC remains stuck in the 70s. 

Many people have trouble understanding the real differences between the words effort, struggle, work, and results.  It is often said that an addict cannot begin recovery until he admits he is an addict.  Our RTC leadership is stuck in a comfort zone with what worked thirty and forty years ago.  Tons of hard work and sterling effort went into call centers, lawn signs, and even some standouts.  As I drove around there were 10 Scott signs for every Coakley one. 

Chatting w/a Moonbat Leader

As I stood those long cold 14 hours at the polling place, I was feeling pretty good about the honk & thumbs-up-to- glare & middle finger ratio.  The Dems were clearly losing the race Tuesday.  Until about 5:30 PM, when the parade of agenda voters began to arrive en masse.  I see no reason to avoid the subject, we have a sizable gay and lesbian population here in Acton,  most I think attracted by our extremely liberal school curriculum. 

So when the snow stopped Wednesday morning Acton was 1405 votes short of a Scott Brown victory.  We’re stuck with that same 60/40 vote split which has plagued Special Town Meeting, our 2008 General Election, and the 2009 Selectman race.  Do you ~ think ~ we should consider a new approach? 

NOT A CHANCE!!   Our leadership knows best, and they are very content to stay in the decade they’re familiar with.  I mean, GAWD FORBID that we “offend” any of those 1405 voters who won’t even make eye contact with us as they scowl past us and vote for abortion, the Rainbow Amendment, higher taxes, and now for “free medical care” [aka ObamaCare].

So come our Annual Town Meeting,  we can rely on those same 1405 swing voters showing up, and of course they’ll vote to raise our taxes to pay for their horde of “counselors” in the schools.  And November 2nd?   Oh yeah, they’ll be back yet again – moonbats voting for moonbats – still avoiding eye contact.

Addicts cannot begin to heal until they admit their addiction.  And this old soldier is just SO politically incorrect, right?


   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Acton Has An Ugly Secret”

  1. Rabid Republican

    Amen, bro.

  2. David K. Stone

    Reply to Acton Has An Ugly Secret

    It’s hardly a secret that we’ve lost a bunch of elections in Acton. And after working hard for candidates we thought should win, I share your anger and disappointment. But how exactly does disparaging the efforts of fellow Republicans help our cause?

    You say our RTC leadership is “stuck in the 70s” and unwilling to consider a new approach. Yet despite your famous tendency to speak plainly, you fail to say in this post what you want us to do differently. At the January RTC meeting you did suggest we hold future meetings in a larger and more public place. It’s funny how I was working to implement that suggestion the very next day, while you were writing another colorful blog post.

    To break our 60/40 streak in Acton we need to pull about 10% more voters to our side. Before Scott Brown’s stunning victory I’d begun to think this was a Sisyphean task. But Scott showed how a positive campaign that speaks clearly and listens to the voters can overcome the machine.

    I admit to not knowing what issues we can use to build a majority in Acton. Although it succeeded for Scott statewide, a focus on controlling spending and lowering taxes hasn’t worked for us. We need to find common cause with school parents and other significant interest groups while striving to help the town and its elected representatives do better for all our citizens. I’m fairly certain that aiming to offend more people is not the way to get this done.

    David Stone
    Chairman, Acton RTC

  3. ironmike

    David, you always make me go look up words. ;^) Sisyphean task: From Greek mythology – a King of Corinth who was punished in Hades by being forced to roll a heavy stone uphill, whereupon each time it would roll back down again.

    >> I admit to not knowing what issues we can use
    That’s a start David! We need to ASK them, – conduct surveys, find out what they DON’T know about Obama, Kerry, Tsongas, and Patrick.

    >> aiming to offend more people
    Not my intention to offend the troops. They and I have done yeoman work. But there is a 1405 vote difference between WORK and RESULTS. After two years of pushing that damned stone, – it seemed the only way to get your attention. Do I have your attention now Sir?

    /s/ Iron Mike

  4. Linda Rapoza

    I read and re-read David’s reply, but didn’t see anything constructive there, except more “touchy-feely”. (Or is it “hopey-changey”?) Maybe it’s “kinder-gentler” (as the Fall River City Committee has now morphed itself). Heck, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. The problem with the Acton “Republican” committee appears to be its leaders.