Acton Fully Ensnared In Agenda 21

Posted March 7th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Liberals, Egos, Dreamers, and Snakes
Snake Oil

…and they spout all the proper buzz-words:  Investment – underutilized – unrealized potential – and the big one ‘…what we want to be as a community!’

Tonight the 20-20 Committee chaired by Selectwoman wannabe Busse [very pregnant – been here all of 6 years] listened to a 45 minute pitch by a very slick ‘consultant’ [snake] Steve Cecil of the Cecil Group.

They don’t exactly have a plan for Kelly’s Corner,  – but…they ‘plan’ on asking Town Meeting on April 1st for …

$277K…to hire consultants to ‘develop a plan’…that ~ may ~ lead to getting a $3 Million grant from the state…for more planning

How are people so easily fooled?

Question Period

Edwards SquareFolks, Edwards Square has been studied and re-studied for all for the 20 years I’ve lived here. 

It was designed in the 1700s – when the traffic was all horse-drawn

An army of consultants and planners cannot change the geography

They can only spend our money.  They’re very glad to do that.  You’ll get a nifty power-point presentation a year from now.

To my liberal Birkenstock shod neighbors who want to live in a cozy, convenient mixed neighborhood where you can walk to all the good shops, Starbucks, and trendy restaurants, – I say “Good for you!  We fully understand. Move there!”

One Response to “Acton Fully Ensnared In Agenda 21”

  1. Casey Chapman

    There’s an old Tom Chapin(brother to Harry) song, written about this stuff. The title is “A Study’s About to Begin”. Look it up. I believe it’s Tom’s. All about so called urban planning. I free about the Agenda21 point as well. When the left leaning liberals don’t want to do any original thinking, which is most of the time, they fall back on the party line and its buzz words.