Acton’s Deputy RiNO Endorses Non-Voter!

Posted August 18th, 2010 by Iron Mike

When Acton’s RiNO Town Committee pulls a dumb move – it should no longer surprise me.  After all, these were the guys popping champagne corks when the town voted 58% / 42% for Coakley in January.  They were celebrating a 2% improvement over their standard 60% ass-whipping.

Now Deputy RiNO Chair Clint Seward is publicly endorsing the worst of the four (4) Republican candidates for Congress.  He does so knowing that Jon Golnik of Carlisle failed to register – and thus failed to vote – for at least eight (8) years – through five (5) general elections. 

Clint is also well aware that Jon lied about it, collected campaign contributions from wealthy Carlisle neighbors without disclosing his failures, and then when the truth was revealed – Jon quite literally blamed it on George W. Bush

What could possibly compel Clint to endorse the weakest of four candidates? 

Sam Meas is a unique American success story – a survivor of the Khmer Rouge’s killing fields.  Tom Weaver is an Annapolis grad who served 5 years in the nuclear navy.  Bob Shapiro is a former software engineer and teacher.  All are honorable men.  Why go with the one who is as empty and dishonorable as Tsongas?  

I think the key may lie deep within Clint’s personality.  He is a West Point grad who eschewed Army life and took an Air Force commission, where he held an office job to serve out his required service.  No mud, no mosquitoes, no heavy lifting, and no C-rations.  He tells everybody about his famous great great uncle – the guy who bought Alaska from the Tsar. 

He dabbles in cold fusion at about the same level he dabbles in politics.  In the time I’ve known him – and come to regret it – he’s lost every ballot issue and election by the same 60%40% margin.  Except of course for that stunning 2% “victory” in January.  He spent years trying to tell me what I could and couldn’t say and write.  He is a study in condescension and arrogance.  Why?

There is a dirty little secret running through the ranks of the Acton RTC.  Many of their members are aging – like Clint.  With limited social lives, playing Bridge has assumed enormous importance.  Playing Bridge with their democrat friends has become more important than actually winning at the ballot box. 

During the critical 2008 campaign year, the RTC web site remained dormant.  Recruiting younger members who will actually do real campaigning on conservative issues is anathema to them.  Young folks join up, sit around Chairman David Stone’s parlor for a few meetings, and drift away.  Talk of using blogs, social networks or email campaigns receive blank stares.  Meeting anywhere other than David’s parlor is out of the question.  

As 2010 opened with several candidates willing to take on Tsongas, – there was nervousness in the room.  Campaigning on behalf of Scott Brown was perfunctory – a few standouts – no emotion, no passion.  And GAWD FORBID anybody talk evil of that ethically challenged Martha Coakley!!  When Howie Carr and Glen Beck read the RRB blog entry on her – there was stony silence in the room.  Their bridge partners wouldn’t be amused. 

   Possible outcomes:

Best Case:  With Clint’s endorsement Golnik comes in dead last.  The Republican Party moves forward with a better, more worthy, and untarnished contender and beats Tsongas.

Worst case:  Golnik wins the primary, then Tsongas takes him apart like a house of straw in October.  Golnik’s ability to reveal his glaring lack of issue knowledge, and to make stupid statements will help her immensely.  At last night’s debate in Chelmsford his closing statement included his plan to “take the 5th District’s problems down to Washington and fix them”.   

 Really Jon?  The other three candidates were pretty unanimous in saying they wanted to cut spending, roll back ObamaCare, reduce the number and size of federal government departments, and start working on the deficit.   “Fixing problems” is a Democrat platform

Jon, if left alone, we can fix our own damned problems, thank you.  You’re still blaming yours on George Bush.

Really Worst Case:  Golnik wins the primary, unseats Tsongas, – and turns into another Scott Brown. 

To the Republican, and Unenrolled voters of the 5th District – I urge you to consider carefully that in our efforts to replace Tsongas’ empty head, – we should take great care not to pick an empty suit.  We would be practically handing her a free re-election.  That would make her senior enough to become really dangerous.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

This is NOT intended as a personal attack,  but rather a demonstration of why the Republicans are not winning in Acton.  As a result of this kind of judgment, we’re turning power over to the Democrats at every turn.  We wish it were different, but it is what it is.



As I was writing this entry I received news that Golnik’s Westford campaign headquarters burned last night – and a “suspicious SUV” was towed by police from behind the building.  [I ran to the driveway to make sure mine is still parked there.  It is – Whew!] 

Maybe it’s just my suspicious nature, but with three honorable candidates in this race, and one proven liar . . . could this be a self-inflicted wound? 

At this point there is no way that the Tsongas camp is this desperate.  Sam is the one they’re afraid of. 

Could this be a narcissist’s criminal bid for attention, headlines, and sympathy?  Will Golnik blame this too on George W. Bush?  There are a lot of cameras in that area.  I wonder who will turn up on video?

8 Responses to “Acton’s Deputy RiNO Endorses Non-Voter!”

  1. Adam Narcounis

    The idea that the golnik campaign started the fire is outrageous. only someone as out of touvh with reality like you would do such a thing…second sam is the best candidate??? are you kidding?? at the debate he told people to give up their social security and to vote for him because he has a year round tan…racist?!?! way to run on your skin color not your qualifications sam….sam is a joke and doesnt deserve to run….i would say weaver is the most electable candidate

  2. Maria

    I believe that Meas and Weaver are the best candidates. As far as the arson in Golnik’s headquarters, I don’t believe he, or any other candidate, set the fire. It reminds me of an incident when I was in high school. I babysat for a woman with a 4 year old son. Her boyfriend played in a band which was playing at “The Blue Moon” nightclub on Wood Street, in Lowell. One night there was a huge fire, and a total loss of the nightclub I’d hope to visit when I could drink, legally that is. The next day, the 4 year old told me. “Kenny got a call in the middle of the night to get the instruments out, before the fire.” A strip mall now sits on the site.

  3. Renee Aste

    Hey Irom Mike,

    Renee from Sam’s campaign, I’ve been inactive due to vacation and no one to watch the kids.

    I wanted to mention something about social security. What Meas said was very unpopular but honest and truthful. It’s about demographics. With people living longer and also having fewer children, simply there isn’t the workforce population to pay out retirement in general. The burden is on a less populous younger generations who have to save more which means they will spend less, which means the economy is less likely to grow.

    As we seen in Japan, Europe, and Canada societies the demographics play a big role in things. It’s not that I don’t care about the elderly, but retirement isn’t about ‘dreams’ as once Dennis Hopper stated in an investment commercial several years ago.

    Renee Aste
    Lowell MA

  4. KarenG

    Hi Iron Mike,
    There are a few out there on Facebook attempting to portray Meas as a non-voter too. There’s a big difference between not voting in a few locals or primaries over 6 years vs. not even registering to vote (a la Golnik) for 8 years, don’t you think?

  5. Renee Aste

    At the beginning I always wanted to support who ever the primary winner was against Tsongas, just as I hope others would support Meas after the primary. I held the view during the spring, then I felt thing got ‘icky’ back in mid June when Ayer had a candidates night, and only Golnik was invited. The local RTC claimed they only thought there was one person on the ballot. Considering Meas initially was going to walk in the Ayer 4th of July parade, I can’t figure out how they didn’t know.

    Sam walked in the Harvard parade instead.


    What I wrote on my own blog concern anti-Meas Propaganda.

    “Last night someone ‘spammed’ all of Sam Meas’ posts on Facebook, noting his voting record. This person even tried ‘friend me’ on Facebook, no message or nothing. I had no clue who this person was, but via message she clearly had an agenda against Sam! She didn’t disclose anywhere in her commmets or info page that she endorsed another candidate. She had only one friend, and she also ‘liked’ Kohls. Just odd, because I would of assumed more pages/friends if she was politically involved……”

    then again

    “Seriously, spamming me on Facebook with information I already knew not good. Not to inflame the situation but yes, Tom Beaver of Lowell, if you are going to post on Sam Meas Facebook demanding a response from the campaign on issues, tagging anti-Sam Meas propaganda on others just to spam out Facebook feeds, and then private messaging people you don’t know about voting when there is a justified pattern with compare then yeah, I’m going to call you out on it.

    BTW Tom Beaver has been personally ‘blocked’ as with the other lady who wanted to friend me with anti-Meas propaganda.”


    I compared the differences between Meas and Golnik in the post also, I do question if I am soft on Meas, but also in my evaluation I look at them fairly I thought.

    “Voting records have been something of issue because one of the other challengers had not voted in eight years, despite noting coming from a politically active family, being involved in politics in high school, then all of a sudden stopped sometime in 2000 after volunteering for Bush, only to register in 2009. (I think I got the time line right there)

    So is the public/media too hard on the other candidate, while soft on Meas?

    When the story came out, Meas acknowledge that he didn’t not vote in every possible election. Meas also followed the typical non-voting pattern of younger single men, and as the mature become more politically involved. (Wife, Home, Kids) Usually at the time the other challenger (Golnik) was not voting, men of his age and status are considered reliable voters in elections. They have a good income, they’re married, they own a homes, and have older children usually in the public school system. ”


  6. ironmike

    Hello Renee and everybody. A lot of the dirty tricks in this campaing, like the Ayer “oversight” – the bogus emails and facebook friends, the signs being knocked down at the Ayer rotary, and the bogus stories about Sam – all have a single source.

    That person is the Shirley Republicrat Bryan Dumont. Bryan backed Golnik early, before he vetted him – before his 8+ years of non voting, his lying, and his work for AIG and Harold Washington was known and understood.

    Bryan has been suffering massive headaches for months, – and I can only hope his lovely wife will get him to a good doctor – soon.

  7. Renee Aste

    Well that explains the Ayer situation. Seriously that was messed up.

  8. karen G

    Yeah, one of these guys, a presumed facebook “friend” of Sam, calls himself Richard Breath. Shorten Richard to Dick and it’s pretty obvious what’s going on. The other one, Tom Beaver (hmmm), baits Sam with ridiculous posts. He sent me a message about my support for Sam. I asked that he not contact me again at which point he sent me another message.