Action Plan For Scary Times

Posted August 31st, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans!

A reader wrote the other day – very scared about what’s happening to our country.  She wanted someone to tell her what to do. I tried to give her some direction.

These are perhaps the scariest times in our nation’s history – because the enemy is within, – and because so few of our citizens grasp the whole truth or the magnitude of our peril.

>> I would do something but I don’t know what to do.

There are many things you can do. First, stay calm, – and resolved.  Second, arm yourself – and your extended family.  Third, start working to neuter this bastard next November, and to overthrow him in 2012.

ARM YOURSELF:  If you don’t own a trusty rifle and a bedside pistol, – go buy them. I recommend at a gun show where you don’t have to register your purchase. Your business is your business.  If you don’t know how to shoot – join a gun club and LEARN!!!  Buy at least 100 rounds for each weapon.

While I hope it never deteriorates to armed gangs,  you MUST be prepared to defend your home, your life, and your family.  If ACORN and the other “Neighborhood Organizers” are suspected of stuffing ballot boxes in November 2010 – things could get real ugly in some American cities and it could spill over into the suburbs. Better to be armed and ready than sorry.

STOPPING OBAMA and HIS SOCIALIST PALS: There are a couple of steps here.

1. Learn your history!  Study the rise of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.  Obama is using their playbook.

2. Get a copy of our Constitution, – read and study it – and be prepared to argue persuasively using facts with people who have NO CLUE what it says.  This includes a LOT of the members of Congress – and their staffs.

3. Make a list of ten like-minded friends who live near you. Start meeting monthly or better still – every two weeks. Meet in each other’s homes, and make sure there are no spies.  Select the strongest among you as leader.  People must step up into leadership roles now.  Encourage worthy conservatives to run for office, and support them with your time and your money.

4. Beware of false Republicans [RiNOs] who now control many state and local Republican Party organizations.  In Massachusetts our state GOP is totally dominated by young RiNOs who actively work against good candidates.  If that problem exists in your state, – ONLY give your money directly to worthy candidates.  Meanwhile, write or email your congressmen and senators every week.  Let them FEEL the pressure and the anger.

5. Each of you make a list of ten (10) people who you think probably voted for Obama.  Bumper stickers on their cars are a good clue. Make friendly overtures to each, and maintain a friendly relationship. Slowly, gently, probe how they’re feeling about their MEssiah as he dismembers our democracy and our free-enterprise system.  Look for disillusionment and wavering loyalty. In the end, you need to change the minds of three (3) of the ten.

6. Start talking to every sixteen and seventeen year old kid you can about what is happening to our country. These kids will be voting in 2012, and we MUST start educating them NOW.  They are staring into the abyss of socialism.

REMEMBER – it took these Socialists a full 40 years to worm their way into our schools systems – to become the dominant voices in each Jr High and High school, and each college campus. They preach a subtle socialist doctrine “everybody gets a turn”, “there are no winners – everybody wins”, “work in teams”, “everybody gets to participate”, “it’s his turn now”.  All this is harmless, – even good on its face. But then along came this blank résumé – “Neighborhood Organizer” – with no credentials, – and the average college-educated white person said “Hey – he’s not like Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, – let’s give him a chance – it’s his turn!” And Badda-bing – Badda-boom – we’ve got ourselves a narcissistic world socialist Israel-hating / pro-Islamic pResident, a latent racist who hates free enterprise, private property, and the white establishment, – and who plans to take this country down a couple of notches.

Your job will be to work with your ten good friends – to awaken, enlighten, and persuade enough of your Obama voters that they made a mistake. It wasn’t their fault,  they wanted to believe the best about Obama.  They trusted his smile, and most under forty were oblivious to the historic parallels. They were suckered by a VERY slick-talking snake-oil salesman, much as used to happen a century ago.

But as unemployment stays high, and their 401K and 529 funds are under attack [Obama wants to take them over – more “wealth” he can spread around to people who never had 401Ks] – people should wake up and realize. If Obama’s ploy to declare a “cyber-emergency” and shut down the internet doesn’t alarm them then they are too stupid to deal with.

** Many inner-city Blacks won’t wake up.  Numbed by generations of welfare dependence, teenage pregnancy, absentee fathers, Ebonics, dropouts, and street gangs, – they’ve been brainwashed by charlatans into believing a “black savior” would come and help them right the wrongs of slavery and Jim Crow. They’ve been told they are due “reparations” and now they believe Obama will put them in the driver’s seat by stripping whites of their wealth, and giving it to them.  Obama ~ should ~ have addressed and started healing these open wounds. Instead he has exploited them. With both Malcolm X and MLK taken violently from them, they will cling to the myth of Obama.

Likewise, most campus liberals will stay the course with Obama. They’ve been totally brainwashed since childhood. They are now committed socialists who believe you should be FORCED to help the poor, and the underclasses – through government-run programs. There is no reasoning with them. They live their lives in the campus bubble – detached from the world of real work. Their view of history is so skewed and warped they can’t see the parallels to the rise of Hitler. They don’t know that Hitler took the old, the mental patients, the handicapped, and the college intellectuals – and euthanized them all – even before he started rounding up the Jews.

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   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

5 Responses to “Action Plan For Scary Times”

  1. Les Carpenter III

    Overall a great post. The task to overturn 40 yers of socialist creep will be daunting.

    Soldiers in the cause for individualism as opossed to the collective, liberty and freedom of speech as opposed to political correctness, warriors for the cause of a true capitalist society in America, our time is now. We must act and be prepared to defend our nations founding pricipals.

    Follow much of the advice given above, for if we do our Republic, as we have known it, has a chance to survive an prosper again. The countdown to 2010, and 2012 beyond has begun, we have no time to waste.

    Les Carpenter III
    Rational Nation USA

  2. Rabid Republican

    I can recommend a book… 101 Things To Do Until the Revolution – lots of great ideas… including how to protect and bury a gun so it can’t be found. Try it! I’m sure it’s NOT available at your local library. At least now it isn’t. LOL rr

  3. John Birch

    I too hate socialists. You may some of those horrible uneducated Americans who mistook or ravenous greed of personal consumption for the betterment of society such as:

    Eisenhower, Ford, Wilson, Roosevelt (Theodore)

    Since you were likely educated by those “evil” socialists you will probably need to be told those folks were presidents.

    If you would stop listening to the rhetoric and just listen I think you would find the so called “left” is not so far away from you… well aside that government has not business in our personal life… the crazy liberals they like ’em some personal freedoms.

  4. John Birch

    Shucks sloppy typing my bad…

    I think you can struggle through my typos and God willing you do not lose the sentiment because of them.

    Remember facts are really key and last I heard Obama was not taking our guns our or 401Ks. Pinning that on him is just as horrible as Stalinist and and Nazi propaganda. Perhaps you good ole boys should be shaving your heads and pressing your brown shirts

  5. ironmike

    Thanks [I think] for stopping by John. Guess it was late and you were very tired, since your typing, spelling and basic logic was so flawed.

    >> Remember facts are really key and last I heard Obama was not taking our guns our or 401Ks

    Well John, you’re wrong again! Attorney General Eric Holder is very publicly on record as wanting to confiscate private weapons. Socialist dictators do NOT want an armed citizenry to oppose them.

    And already various members of both Obama’s cabinet [the legal ones], and his collection of Czars [the illegal ones] have been talking about increasing the taxes on 401Ks – and some have talked about confiscating the funds and “spreading them around to people who never had 401Ks”.

    STRONGLY suggest that if you going to leave snippy comments, – you FIRST do your research and your homework. And BTW, – ACORN is the new SA – the Brown Shirts!

    Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt were before my time – I can’t comment from personal experience. But to claim that either Ike or Jerry Ford were guilty of “ravenous greed of personal consumption” is a ludicrous misstatement and shows a complete absence of historical grounding. In other words, you’re either an idiot or a liar, – or both. HaND!

    /s/ Iron Mike