Acosta Underestimates Sarah Sanders Again!

Posted March 11th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Once again CNN’s chief dumbass tries to take on Sarah Sanders,  – only to hand her the opportunity to crush Democrats in Congress.

Democrats have gone from being stealth Communists under the guise of WELFARE,  – to being stealth Muslims under the guise of TOLERANCE. short video:


4 Responses to “Acosta Underestimates Sarah Sanders Again!”

  1. Mt Woman

    These hypocrites and their media lackeys are among the lowest form of humanity. Since I am also not a perfect person I will let judgement come from God, however, I choose not to follow their leadership or pathway into obvious opportunity to be a conductor on the train to hell.

  2. Ben

    Jim Acosta is one real pain in the ass. He’s the tick that when your out in the field you burn off
    Nancy is nothing but an embarrassment to her self and religion

  3. panther 6

    Both Acosta and Peeloosely are out to lunch. Peeloosely should be excommunicated by the Church for her stand on abortion among other things. If I had been the priest I would have refused to sign her with the ashes.

  4. Vic

    Why is this worthless excuse for a human being Acosta even allowed in the White House? The First Amendment only applies to Congress, not the Executive.