Acosta Falls On His Sword!

Posted July 12th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Suddenly Democrats and their Left-Wing Media have discovered under-age sex…  And Acosta is guilty of not being tough enough?

Can anybody reading this remember back to Massachusetts Congressman Gerry Studds,  boffing under-age pages in his House Office…?

Bubba with his zipper at half-mast….

Because Clinton was THEIR president,  – they brushed aside or buried all the dirty stories.  Will they fling him onto the fire now – for ratings?

2 Responses to “Acosta Falls On His Sword!”

  1. Peter S

    Dubious play by Pelosi, et al. They got their first Latino scalp from the Trump Administration. Let’s see how this plays out among what Progressives assumed to be their reliable, new immigrant voting block.

  2. Marc

    The phony outrage will continue until one of their core constituencies manages to get pedophilia reclassified as a protected sexual orientation. Then suddenly it will be OK, and anybody who objects will be denounced as a “hater”.