Acosta Asked For It; – Got It GOOD!

Posted August 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Make no mistake, CNN’s Jim Acosta is a card-carrying Left-Wing propaganda tool,  born and raised in Annandale on the DC Beltway.  Divorced and bitter,  he seems to revel in baiting Trump,  Sarah Sanders, and other administration officials,…to the point that he has become the piñata for outraged citizens who believe he,  – and CNN are acting against the interest of the American people.

He was trying to get his actions ‘justified’ today,  – asking Sarah to admit the media has been unfairly labeled.  Once again he failedSarah Sanders is a ROCK of righteousness.

Acosta then went to find a soft shoulder to cry on:

But he still calls America a “Democracy” – not a Republic…

Sorry Jim,  – but you in particular,  Jeff Zucker, – and the rest of the Hillary Cartel working on CNN’s staff are the enemies of the People….

.because you continue to stand in front of TV cameras and give our Citizens false and one-sided information – laden with left-wing seasonings…

….because you REFUSED from 2008 forward to investigate and vet Barack Obama…

….because you bought into the Clinton’s FusionGPS LIE about “Russian Collusion”…and continue to perpetuate this evil myth….

You are NOT journalists;  – you are the Propaganda Ministry!

6 Responses to “Acosta Asked For It; – Got It GOOD!”

  1. Sherox

    They are a propaganda machine for the Democrat party. Anyone knows that.

  2. Kojack

    This picture tells it all.

  3. Integrity 1st

    She couldn’t have done better.

  4. Hawk1776

    I don’t understand why the other reporters haven’t told him to cut the crap. He makes all reporters look bad, not that they need help.

  5. Mt Woman

    Mike must be so proud of his little girl Sarah. She is in control at all times and sets the tone and stage for this group of fools every day. So impressive and frank in her presentation.

  6. Paul J Baldi

    Acosta deserves everything he gets. “Journalism” my ass. These
    clowns are not journalists, just colossal jackasses with press
    passes. He never would have harassed Obama or Clinton the way
    he does Trump, that’s for sure!