ACORN’s Bertha Lewis: “Socialist!”

Posted April 24th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Democrats, “Progressives” and outright Socialists are all loathe to use the word “socialist” when describing their or Obama’s “spread the wealth” visions and policies.  That’s because it’s your wealth they intend to spread.  But now – in what looks like an edited video, comes ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis – speaking to the Young Democratic Socialists a month ago.  Between praising Socialism and calling the TEA Parties “racists” – she lays it out for you.  Folks, she did not come by these views overnight. 

Note how she tells her audience that resistance to “Socialism” is somehow like Jim Crow racism.  These are not the tactics or words of a confused person.  These are the tactics and words of a skilled revolutionary subverting willing and obedient young minds.  She is planting the kinds of rhetoric which she hopes will grow roots and bloom – in exactly the same way it was considered “racist” to question the credentials and qualifications of Candidate Obama. 

Between now and November 2nd you will meet many moonbats who will call you a “racist” because you oppose Obama’s / Pelosi’s socialist plans for America.  Trust me – you’re not a racist because you believe in Freedom, Free Enterprise, Equal Opportunity, and our Constitution.  You’re a patriot!

Talk to your moonbat friends and relatives.  The worst of them want government to guarantee Equal Outcome – even if that means lower outcome.  We need to open and change 10% of their minds in the next 191 days!  They need a wake-up call they can understand.  One way is to take them on a 10-mile car ride, and have them count the number of empty store fronts, shops, businesses and homes for sale as you drive along.  Good luck!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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