Achieving “Manhood” In Matthews, NC

Posted October 30th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Who the HELL names a kid “Jatwan”?  Who the HELL lets a 16-year old kid grow THAT haircut in high school?  Were they doomed from BIRTH?

Jatwan will be charged with 1st Degree Murder – as an adult.  Bobby will be buried – with a bullet hole in his back,  – delivered at 7:20 AM in the crowded main hall of Butler High.  Authorities are blaming “bullying”…

…but of course they won’t say which lad was doing the bullying,  – and which lad was the recipient,  – or what the issue was.

Wanna bet gang membership was at the core?

So Obama, Holder, Lynch, el al – all failed these young men.   What good was “Americas First Black President” – to either of them…?

Jatwan is 16 – only a freshman…., while McKeithen was 16 and a sophomore.

(By comparison,  I entered my senior year at age 16).

Don’t fall for the easy excuses of “Guns” or “Bullying”….  These are the EASY political answers which fail to fix anything….

Try blaming the prevailing need among America’s Black Families to achieve a distinctive non-white BLACK CULTURE,  – as a separate identity and a false source of pride.

How long before young Black mothers realize that by imposing a fake “African” identity upon their kids – thus conspicuously separating them from mainstream American culture,  – they are shortening their lives – and their opportunities?

NOTHING in government-imposed Affirmative Action can restore a normal life to either lad.   With a great deal of luck Jatwan ~ might ~ get out of prison about age 58…if he isn’t killed INSIDE Central Prison in Raleigh.

1st Degree Murder requires PROOF of premeditation.

Bringing a gun to school – then using it early in the morning,  – pretty much cements that part of the case.

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