Absolutely Shameful Boston Globe Stunt

Posted April 9th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Globe’s FAKE NEWS STORY as pathetic as it gets;  – John Henry has just shouted “FIRE!” in a crowed theater…
Globe fake news headline
It’s been a worthless crock for decades;  – so bad a rag the New York Times sold it for just the real estate value to Boston’s MoonBat Red Sox owner John Henry.   Now Henry proves he has NO sense of decency or journalistic ethics.

They’ve chopped staff,  so now they can’t find enough honest news to print?
Fake Globe Headline

They’ve manufactured a fear-mongering story about deportations under President Trump.

October 30th 193878 year ago, CBS Radio presented an adaption of War of the Worlds – staring Orson Welles – as a Halloween Night show….

Orson Welles and John Henry

It was done so realistically that people up and down the East Coast believed the World was under attack by landing Martians…..

At the time the Boston Globe [then still a newspaper] called the stunt irresponsible.

Globe  Oct 31 1938

Welles would later tell anyone willing to listen that he and his crew had ‘no idea’ they were causing a panic….

Orson Welles

78 years later the Globe – now owned by John Henry,  is pulling essentially the same kind of stunt – using our 1st Amendment as a shield to publish a political stunt – and call it a “Political Editorial”.

If Henry was a real American and has any shred of decency – he’d fire every editor and writer at the Globe who worked on or approved this story.

If he doesn’t – we can safely assume he was briefed in advance and approved running with it.

DOUBLE STANDARD?  Henry and the Globe feel this is appropriate use of the Public Trust,…but how would they feel….

…if another venue published FAKE NEWS about Mister Henry’s new wife – Linda Pizzuti’s – [who is also the Globe’s managing editor] and her dark past…..

.would Henry feel that since it touched him – that FAKE NEWS was somehow off limits?

…but because as a liberal he hates Trump,…it’s OK for the Globe to publish a FAKE STORY?

Fake Globe story about US Soldiers

Yes, this story is also part of the Globe’s anti-Trump FAKE NEWS barrage.


Hey John Henry, – maybe your wife Linda never pulled tricks on the curbs of Chinatown, – but you,  she,  and the Globe Staff are all STILL WHORES – tools of the Democrat Party…

Whores!   Cheap ones!

7 Responses to “Absolutely Shameful Boston Globe Stunt”

  1. Kojack

    Regarding the fake deportation news, the only ones who would panic from this narrative if it were true are the illegals who shouldn’t be here and their advocates! It would be a cause of celebration for REAL Americans.

    Concerning the ISIS COWARDS’ families, they are all accomplices in the BUTCHERY that these putrid barbarians wreak upon humanity and the worst part of the DISEASE known as islam. They should be eradicated by any means necessary. They won’t hesitate to eliminate us given an opportunity.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    The Globe has not entered my home for over 25 years. They had a vendetta against my employer, Raytheon, one is the states largest employers and tax payers. Never again would I purchase that rag or is sister rag the NY Times. As for John Henry, he bought a looser in the Glube, it will most likely be dark within a few years if not sooner. He deserves nothing better.

  3. Panther 6

    This is truly lower than whale dung and that in on the bottom of the ocean. UNREAL. The Globe should be shunned for such a vile, low attack.

  4. Hawk1776

    The Globe has set a dangerous precedent. Instead of reporting the news in a professional manner, it has become an unabated agent of the Democratic party. The Globe has always been very liberal, but this action is over the top. All that you can do is cancel your subscription to the Boston Globe. I stopped buying the Globe a decade ago. I suggest you do the same. Vote with your wallet.

  5. Marc

    I haven’t read the Globe in years.

  6. #blackgunsmatter

    Trump should sue the Globe for libel. Clearly, they are not reporting the news. They are outright trying to slander Trump. That’s fine. It makes me want to vote for Trump even more! Keep up the good work liberals…

  7. Robert Cappucci

    The only real shock here is that the liberal media was actually able to sink lower than they already are. It’s astonishing, actually, as good people of sound conscience and high morals could never possibly imagine the depth of “journalist” depravity until it’s before our very eyes. The Globe is part and parcel of the modern day Circa 1936 Nazi controlled Deutschland. And, the Nazi’s learned it from a Mr. Bernaise of the Woodrow Wilson cartel. You can add the NY Times, the LA Times, The Washington Post and many other national and local “news” source outlets somehow still in print. And then there are their liberal propagandist media cohorts on TV being CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and even elements of FoxNews as well. The only bastion of truthful fact based opinions and honest reliability lies in blogs like this one, The Rabid Republican. And, I’m not even a Trump supporter but this kind of reckless and wanton attack goes beyond Trump and is really attack on all of us who call ourselves and live our lives as conservatives. Worry not, folks because His judgment cometh….and that right quick.