About Rabid Republican

Our nation and our American way of life are at peril. Tell your friends about our blog, – and also tell those Obamadroids you know. Who knows, they might just learn something.

Young Americans were the driving force behind Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. These young voters – people under forty – are too young to remember those four long years under Jimmy Carter or those five long years under LBJ, Raised in school systems controlled by liberal and socialist-leaning teachers, they habe been pre-conditioned from kindergarten to react to a black candidate. “Give the black guy a chance at it, – it’s only fair!” But they never bothered to read his books. And they felt it would be “racist” to question his résumé. And besides, – he wasn’t George Bush.

Talking amongst ourselves won’t change the picture much. We have to reach as many of those young voters as possible by 2010 and by 2012. They were conned, and their future in a socialist American society will be just as miserable as yours. We have precious little time to show them what has happened, have them grasp how great the evil is, and to realize what we are in danger of losing. We need you involved!

Don’t worry about possibly offending a Democrat, or straining a friendship. The stakes are much bigger. Your country has fallen into the diabolical hands of an evil Svengali, and you must help rescue it. Start talking to your Democrat friends, – to the Obamadroids you know – and to any teenager you find without i-Pods stuck in their ears. The kids you know who are just fourteen today will vote for our next president.

And please reach out to all the elderly voters you know. In a world increasingly driven by Twitter and Facebook, many or our Seniors don’t even use computers. This suits the Socialists just fine, because older voters have lived through FDR’s Great Depression, WWII, and they remember well the nuclear threat of the Cold War. They know frauds when they see them, – and the Obamadroids would like to see them sit out another election cycle or two. You be the person who keeps your elderly neighbors informed, and you be sure to bring them to the polls.

If you like what we have to say, tell your friends.  If you don’t, just move along down the road… or, better yet, start your own blog.