About Trump’s Ukrainian Phone Call…

Posted September 24th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It was back in May 2014 when RRB first reported on the sleazy Ukrainian Gas Deal that VP Biden arranged for his crooked drug-using son Hunter.  This video is him explaining how he later used your tax money to get an honest Ukrainian prosecutor fired from investigating the crooked deal.

With all the hysteria and hyperbole (treason, execution, etc) from Dems and RiNOs,  – it’s worth remembering a few FACTS about Trump’s phone call.  Trump was doing our nation’s business, getting the new Ukrainian President to reopen the corruption case!
You can review some of the sleazy Biden history here….

You may also recall that JUST 5 months after getting this cushy (illegal) Ukrainian deal,  young Hunter got himself unceremoniously KICKED OUT of the US Navy Reserve,  – when he FLUNKED his very first piss test.  He pissed hot for cocaine.

Then the following Spring – 2015 – Biden’s older son (the good one) died of cancer, leaving a widow and two children.

And seemingly within weeks came the news that the cheater’s web site Ashley Madison had been HACKED – and email addresses of clients posted for all the world to see….

and that sleazy Hunter Biden was a client….

…so his wife Kathleen divorced him,…and soon enough Hunter began dating Beau’s widow Hallie….

…only to abandon her and suddenly marry a South African girl he’d known for all of 2 weeks….

It’s unclear if he still gets paychecks from Burisma in the Ukraine.

The love life of a vice president’s wayward son shouldn’t matter much,  – UNLESS that lad is getting lucrative foreign deals (Ukraine and China) through Daddy’s OFFICIAL BUSINESS DEALS….(which would be illegal).

AND,…likewise the love life of a FORMER vice president’s wayward son shouldn’t matter much,  – UNLESS that former VP is now running for President.

These are all matters our American MEDIA should have thoroughly investigated and exposed,  – but they HAVEN’T,  – and they WON’T!

So Trump asked the NEW president of the Ukraine to look in a few closets….and our very own RiNO Bill Weld wants him EXECUTED?

Hunter Biden Gets A Ukrainian Deal

Given his lifelong eschewment of morals, ethics, and the Truth, – can you IMAGINE what kinds of cushy deals a President Joe Biden could conjure up for his drug-using horn-dog son…?

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