Ability, Political Ideology, – Or Skin Color?

Posted December 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

WHY do we need a Democratic attorney to lead Homeland Security?

Jeh JohnsonJeh Johnson may be a great guy. 

Son of a Tuskegee Airman, graduate of Columbia Law, longtime Democrat activist,  civil trial lawyer, worked for both Bill Clinton and Obama…, but,…no experience in intelligence,  police,  or military operations.

His time as Chief Counsel for the Air Force included some REALLY BAD Air Force decisions about what is being taught,  and religious [Christian] expression on bases. 

I wonder if he is really a stand-up guy for our Constitution, – or a willing political lackey for anything Obama wants.

And with Obama stuck in a go-nowhere lame-duck downward spiral,  we are suddenly a much more inviting target for the bad guys, from al Qaeda, to Iran, North Korea, and the Mexican drug cartels.   I just don’t see where Jeh is the right man for this job.

Jeh cautioned ObamaI worry, because Jeh has hung with all the wrong people, Bill Clinton, John F*ing Kerry, Obama.  He did tell Obama that continuing the bombing campaign against Qaddafi beyond 60 days would violate the War Powers Act, – but he didn’t go public when Obama did it anyway. 

And he was a leader in ending DADT – which has weakened our military by jeopardizing unit cohesion and readiness, – and adding untold expensive UCMJ activity.

So exactly WHAT made Johnson the single outstanding choice to lead DHS?  Did Obama again play the race card to ease a nominee through the Senate – and avoid having to provide any more details about Fast and Furious and government eavesdropping?

Janet Napolitano liar

I can only hope he’s a better and more honest American than Janet ‘Big Sis’ Napolitano – may God damn her evil soul!

Still the questions remain,  – why an ATTORNEY and not an OPERATIONS guy? We need to remain watchful!

2 Responses to “Ability, Political Ideology, – Or Skin Color?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Well—–as my father used to say—-hope in one hand and &*#$ in the other.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    President Obama is a threat to our Constitution, the nations’s military strength, the restoration of our economy, our Second Amendment, and everything else that we hold dear as a nation. He has surrounded himself with people that will do his political bidding, and a media that stands with all of the corruption. Let’s hope and pray that Americans are waking up to the threat of socialism that is creeping into our lives. We must fight back to save our wonderful country.