ABC/Yahoo Iowa Drake University Debate

Posted December 11th, 2011 by Iron Mike

A spirited back-and-forth. About 20 minutes into this 90-minute six-way debate Mitt attacks Newt – only to have Newt smack him down. Then George Stephanopoulos eggs Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman to attack Newt – and she attempts a two-fer attacking ‘Newt Romney’.

Watch several times as Romney stands there smiling like a snake. Then works hard to wiggle out of his RomneyCare legacy. Watch the video:

Watch both Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer try to inflame issues and start fights. Rick Perry and Rick Santorum were quick to go after Newt’s marriages and affairs.  When Newt gives a calm level answer, Sawyer changes tactics and tries to create an immigration / amnesty fight.

Stephanopoulos then tries to inflame the Palestinian issue – only to have both Ron Paul and Romney admit that Newt is technically correct.  Newt wins the moment with by reminding folks that Reagan was willing to speak the truth about the Evil empire.

Santorum does a nice job of dumping the bigger foreign policy issue back in Obama’s lap. He later admits that as a young man he listened to and studied Newt’s tapes.



2 Responses to “ABC/Yahoo Iowa Drake University Debate”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    In my opinion the debate process has reached the theater of the absurd. Once, sometimes twice a week, almost always the liberal media moderators do their very best to toss gotcha questions at the participants and try to enflame candidate rivalries. Very rarely do they ask questions that involve the failures of the current administration. Other than the political junkies, and the media, who is watching the debates?

  2. Daniel

    Obama has lost lots of voters because he is Pro Banker Bailouts, Pro War, Pro Patriot Act (Violates American Civil Liberties), and Pro Torture. He has lied to America and that is why Americans are voting for the candidate that is getting the most money from active duty military personnel (most current FCC reports).

    So if you want to support the troops, then support the candidate that the troops support. Newt is a big government player. He gets money to consult the financial sector while supporting bailouts to wallstreet with his colleague Obama.