ABC Fake News Campaign Just Got Worse!

Posted June 20th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The concept of subliminal advertising was invented back in the 1950s,  – when most TVs in homes were little black and white boxes (no remotes).  A series of FCC and court decisions have banned its use.

So ABC ran a false footer storyallegedly for just 7 seconds – then removed it and apologized.  Bullshit!  Damage done!

Just a technical Glitch”?  Or maybe somebody at ABC who really hates Trump playing with the equipment?

Wanna bet – nobody gets fired?


Back in the day,  networks and theaters experimented with subliminal advertising – and proved the concept worked.

Most TV programs then were 30-minutes – of film – 6 frames per second….

So the advertisers would insert just 6 frames across the 30-minute feature with a message – like ENJOY A COKE.   Subconsciously people would get up – go to the fridge,  and get a Coke….

.or walk back to the concession stand and buy one.

Various courts held that it was not ‘protected free speech’ because the viewer was unaware he was being targeted.

Today the technique has shifted to something called “product placement” – where the actor in the movie is drinking the Coke – or driving the Ford.

I think Manafort’s legal team can say the jury pool has been poisoned. 

4 Responses to “ABC Fake News Campaign Just Got Worse!”

  1. Sherox

    Under Obama the laws against government propaganda were removed. That is all we get today with a shadow government and their ever faithful media. Most people have no idea how much they are being indoctrinated and are unable to tell the difference between fact and lies.

  2. Vic

    This is one of the reasons I advocate ( and practice) cancelling cable TV, closing your Facebook account, shutting off Twitter, and never listening to NPR. You’ll sleep easier, and save money at the same time. I believe Pravda was more honest back in the CCCP days than American media is today. At least Pravda put it out there on the top of the front page, “Organ of the Communist Party…” and everybody knew it.

  3. Panther 6

    This is ridiculous. SOMEONE at ABC, probably a TRUMP HATING peon put that up and knew exactly what he or she was doing. ABC should be hanging their head in shame and someone who punched the keys spouting such lies should be FIRED!

  4. Mt Woman

    No OOPS moment. This was preplanned and prompted by the deep media at ABC. You can bet right now that there are people out there already spouting that Trump’s key campaign manager is a murderer. Look what they are saying about Corey Lewandowski after he made a poorly placed mocking statement to a progressive Clintonite telling a probably phoney sob story.