Aaron Mair Stumbles Before Ted Cruz

Posted October 7th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The Sierra Club is so invested in the cult science of Man-Made Global Warming they may have thought having a Black president would make their positions unassailable.  So they picked Albany, NY activist Aaron Mair in May.
Aaron Mair Ted Cruz
Five months later – before the US Senate – Mister Mair met Ted Cruz.   It was revealing and embarrassing:

You see Folks, it quickly became obvious that Mister Mair was indeed a token – a figurehead – who probably believes in the ‘science’, – but who is unfamiliar with how the data is gathered.

He had practiced certain words – like “epidemiological”,  “anthropogenic”,  “Union of Concerned Scientists”,  “97% of scientists”,  and “preponderance of the evidence”….

…he repeated them ad nauseum,…until he embarrassed himself…

Ted totally stumps him when he asks about “the Pause”. Mair gives an erroneous answer, then goes on to respond that “…while we’re debating,…our planet is heating up and cooking, and warming…”

The 9-minute exchange is a perfect example of why Ted Cruz would make an awesome president; – he deals in facts, – and he will eviscerate an ideologue.

Aaron Mair and the Board

FOLKS: If you don’t get it yet, – the whole issue of Man-Made Global Warming [aka ‘Climate Change‘] is Socialist Junk Science.


If these goons can get you to change your behavior,  – get you to buy into their bullshit and go along with their ‘regulations’,  – slowly they can effect your ability and your desire to remain free and independent.

Slowly,…you’ll accept whatever ‘scientists’ and Government tells you,  – where to live,  what to wear,  what to eat, how many children you can have,  what they have to learn in school,  what jobs you can work at…

It’s NOT about ‘Saving the Planet’, – it’s about controlling the population!


Calbuco – Southern Chile

3 Responses to “Aaron Mair Stumbles Before Ted Cruz”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The Sierra Club is just one of many purveyors of global warming climate change junk science. The other more notable organizations are NASA, the Weather Channel, Penn State University and Mchael Mann, the EPA and the Democrat Party including all of their presidential candidates. The polar ice caps are increasing, the world temperatures have been falling for almost twenty years, but the junk science beat continues unabated on the main stream media and whenever there is an anomalous weather event, obviously caused by global warming, we are to blame.

  2. Panther 6

    When will these flaming, liberal idiots wake up that what we experience here on this planet is a result of activity on our SUN and the work of Mother Nature here on earth. And they want to spend trillions to stop something that is not ours to control. It makes you think they have never heard of nor believe in Mother Nature or the Creator of our universe. I will be so bold as to say the word.

  3. Jim Gettens

    As for lick-spittle Global Warming Humbug Devotees, the Sierra Club has nothing on the new Worcester Telegram & Gazette editorial board, that rag having changed hands this summer and gone over to the unthinking, reactionary Left. Check out today’s T&G cartoon.