A Wonderful American Evening

Posted March 2nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Good food, good friends, no egos,…and not a MoonBat in the house!Nashoba Sportsman Game Dinner
My thanks to the good folks at the Nashoba Sportsman’s Club – their annual game dinner and raffle.  These are the Americans Obama can never understand.

6 Responses to “A Wonderful American Evening”

  1. Tom

    Here, here! And a big thank you to Varvara for her kind invitation. Only in An America with our Second Amendmemt Rights fully in tact can an event like this take place.

  2. Walter Knight

    I saw a MoonBat . . . oops, they got ’em!

  3. Casey Chapman

    Wasn’t there, obviously, but my first reactions was: Weren’t MoonBats on the menu as appetizers? Just kidding.

  4. Walter Knight

    There is an age-old debate raging on whether MoonBats taste great, or are less filling.

    My conservative brothers, please weigh in before the doom of the Sequester. The matter needs to be settled.

    ^o^ ^o^ ^o^ ^o^ ^o^

    MoonBats are all theory, vision, concept, and idea Walter; – there is NO substance to them.

    They smell like guano and marijuana and they leave a VERY BITTER aftertaste….

  5. Walter Knight

    So, your concerted opinion is ‘less filling?’

    ^o^ – ^o^ – ^o^ – ^o^
    My considered opinion is ‘inedible , non-potable, and poisonous’!

  6. Walter Knight

    ‘Considered’ that was the word I was LQQKING for.

    I suspect our GOP candidate for President next time will be going on a diet.