A War Made Just For John Kerry

Posted July 23rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Like World War One – 100 years ago – this war could have started at any time. Kidnapping and killing teenagers was only the trigger.Kerry comes to Tel Aviv July 2014
But this war suits John Forbes Kerry’s presidential ambitions – to be seen as a patient and savvy diplomat, a peace broker, and able to push waring sides into agreements.

Hamas is cunning enough to go along. Let’s hope Netanyahu is smart enough not to fall for it. Bebe asked Kerry not to come…

…but Kerry came anyway, his ego, ambition, and lifelong quest for the Prize driving him to boldly go where he is unwanted.

mocking KerryThe Israelis see through Kerry – months ago they were mocking him – long before this current war began.

For the moment, the Israelis can handle the situation, carefully ferreting out Hamas tunnels while absorbing minimal casualties. Should Hezbollah attack from Southern Lebanon, that could change.

But the Hezbollah are Shites – and they have a long-term interest in seeing the Sunni Hamas and Fatah fighters killed off.  What?  You thought this equation was a simple 2-sided one? Guess again, and study!

Israel knows who her enemies are….

They’ve learned the hard way that there are few “good” or peaceful” Arabs, and those few are already Israeli citizens.

The Peaceful Arabs

They understand that the American Left, to include the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, the Obama Cartel, and John Kerry have long ago bought into the anti-Israeli propaganda, and for decades have seen the “Palestinians” as ‘victims of Israeli racism’. The Israelis do not expect reason – or even rocket counts – to prevail there.

They understand the both the European and American media are against them, – and will overplay Palestinian casualties – particularly children – even when they’ve been killed by Hamas misfires.

In the past six years the Israelis have come to see Obama as just another sworn Muslim enemy, – a man likely to be studiously playing golf or fund-raising as Israeli soldiers and civilians are being killed. Today Obama is fund-raising in California.


Our media has taken sides. The so-called Palestinians have been very clever at manipulating press coverage – always to be seen as “VICTIMS”. That plays right into the Democratic Party’s playbook, – everybody is a victim.

Our US MSM – hypocrites to the core – will weep a river full of crocodile tears over dead Palestinian babies, – and TOTALLY IGNORE the slaughter taking blocks away in government-funded abortion clinics.

When did Palestinian babies [who will grow up to be suicide bombers] rate more news coverage and more empathy than American babies being aborted?

In fact the Palestinians – notably the Gaza ones – are now 3rd and 4th Generation US / UN Welfare Piggies. Many have never worked a day in their lives – except building rockets, booby-traps, tunnels, and occasionally beheading a neighbor reluctant to join their madness.

LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN: The Palestinians are bitter, hate-filled, ungrateful and unworthy WELFARE PIGGIES! They are victims – of their own maniacal and evil leaders, – and of 67 years of their own BAD DECISIONS.

By now Gaza and the West Bank could be/should be thriving bustling tourist and banking meccas [pardon the pun] – enjoying a standard of living the envy of the Middle East.

Instead, for 67 years they focused all their energy on killing Jews. Their children grow up to be ‘fighters’ and suicide bombers, – because martyrdom is far more rewarding than living a full and productive life…?


Kerry has come trying to broker any sort of “cease-fire” and Israeli withdrawal he can get. It gets him closer to his Nobel Prize.

But even if he is ‘successful’ now – it will mean nothing over the long run. Hamas and Fatah – and Hezbollah will continue their daily campaigns of terror and murder. Killing Jews has become a rite of passage among their youth.

Eventually, very reluctantly, Israel will have to do the unthinkable – end the violence by killing every Arab in Gaza – perhaps with carpet bombing, – perhaps with a nuke.

Sometimes, – the ONLY WAY to end 1400 years of hatred and killing – is to eliminate the haters.


And with the Iranian Twelvers busily building their own nuclear bombs,…Israel may have only months to make their decision.

Final Laugh on Kerry: If, ~ if ~ he succeeds in any kind of cease-fire,…watch Obama stand in the Rose Garden and make a speech full of “…I, I, me, at my direction, I ordered, I asked, my, I shall,…my prayers…”

7 Responses to “A War Made Just For John Kerry”

  1. Len Mead

    Yes, Kerry continues his worthless liberal trudge through life, bringing destructive policies, debt and misery to all who actually take him seriously.
    For him to side with terrorist enemies of the only democracy in the middle east, Israel, is, of course, traitorous.
    Massachusetts deserves Kerry and the fake Indian.
    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative happily fleeing to Florida next week

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Bibi is a warrior statesman, a graduate of MIT and he sees right through John Kerry. He fought in the 67 War of Attrition and the Yom Kippur War, a seasoned diplomat at the UN, [they’re no friends of Israel], and held many positions within the Isreali government.

    He knows that they must obliterate the Gaza missiles, rockets and their command and control as well as their suppliers in Syria and Iran. Kerry is sure to make some rediculous statement in true Lurch fashion.

    When Obama lands in the Vineyard for his one of many vacations, Kerry will be at his new compound in Nantucket wind sailing or on his yacht.

  3. John O'Mara

    Well-done piece, Iron Mike.

    A very disturbing mystery … Why does the majority of our
    Jewish community continue to support/promote a President
    who is blatantly Muslim-leaning?

  4. Sherox

    John, it’s simple, they are liberal first. Liberalism trumps everything else.

    I am grateful that the people of Israel know that the public supports Israel. The press however, are practicing, as they have been, journalistic malpractice.

  5. Varvara

    John, when I was younger, a teenager, and lived in Brooklyn there were many people with numbers on their arms. These people have passed away and their grandchildren have no daily reminder of what happened. These people today are young minded, athletic and will live longer, healthier lives. They think everything will be fine with just a little more patience. Not true, it will never change.

  6. Kojack

    “The Palestinians are bitter, hate-filled, ungrateful and unworthy WELFARE PIGGIES! They are victims – of their own maniacal and evil leaders-“. This is an appropriate descripiton of ALL muslims. The problems with the muslim communtities in Europe, the U.K. and France in particular validate this fact. As their numbers grow in the U.S. and they become more emboldened by Obysmal and the liberal, suicidal PC crowd, expect to see the same problems here.

  7. Blossom

    With the present Administration in charge we are on the side of the terrorists.
    The U.S. supports the Palestinian Authority, Hamas’ partner, with more than $400 million a year. And now Secretary of State John Kerry has committed $47 million to Gaza directly. The American taxpayer has become a proud sponsor of this terrorist group.
    The Middle East conflict if framed as one of the most complex problems in the world. But in reality, it is very simple. Israelis want to live in peace and are willing to accept a neighboring Palestinian state. The Palestinians do not want Israel to exist. Neither does the Obama Administration!