A Voodoo Curse On You!

Posted August 7th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Driving DRUNK, Vivencia Bellegarde – 25, of Everett caused a crash that sent a Boston Globe truck 40 feet off I-93 onto the Leverett Connector.  That’s when the fun began…
Vivencia Bellegarde
State Trooper Bill Kokocinsky spotted her damaged Caddy, and arrested her for hit & run. She placed a voodoo curse on him, – then mocked him for paying for food when, – with her three (3) EBT cards, – she gets it for free.

Meanwhile Ms. Bellegarde has a record of ten (10) suspensions including a previous drunk-driving oops from Sept 2011. Seems Vivencia likes to party…

Will EBT Commissioner Stacey Monohan issue Bellegarde a stern letter?

Will Deval Patrick dismiss the whole thing as ‘anecdotal‘?  Will he find some obscure state program to fix her car while her license is suspended for refusing the on-site Breathalyzer? Will Trooper Kokocinsky die of her curse?

Amazingly, the Globe driver had relatively minor injuries. He should go to Mass this Sunday!

6 Responses to “A Voodoo Curse On You!”

  1. Tom

    Not a bad Caddy and not one, not two, – but three EBT cards – and we are paying for them. Might she be an illegal alien as well? Perish the thought!

  2. MC

    Would anyone like to take a small bet that she isn’t working, gets a assistant check, has several children (her get out of jail free pass) and with 3 EBT cards I wonder how many ObamaPhones she has hustled from We the Taxpayers. Would anyone care to guess Who She Voted For !! And most likely will get a sleezy attorney to sue the Boston Globe for her mental anquish.

  3. Walter Knight

    What a dirt bag. Three EBT cards? It’s true. They laugh at us for working.

  4. Casey Chapman

    She will be praised as a single mother by the governor. Then she’ll be offered a state job, which she will refuse because “she’d lose her welfare”. This sort of thing makes me sick.

  5. Rachael

    She said to google her.. funny.. the only thing that came up was CLASS A C*NT

  6. staCey carboney

    I actually, unfortunately know this family from working as a state worker. She is an American born citizen, her parents are from Haiti. And, yes, they are all nuts